Crowdtap – Curad Soothe Plus – Review

CrowdTap is another website that is WOMM (Word Of Mouth Marketing). You just log on to their website and click on the brand you want to participate with and answer a few questions about the brand and your opinion towards the brand and things that they have done or might do in the future. If you are lucky they might even choose you to try out their products! You can also win gift cards from answering all their questions

I received these items from Crowdtap for review purposes.

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Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser – Product Review

Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser $6

3.5 Stars on tumblr_static_influenster_logo


I’ve tried Bioré pore cleansers before and I do have a good prospective on them. I find Bioré to be a very well know brand and a trusted one. I was so excited when I heard they came out with a new face wash and I’m eager to try it!

This product is available at:

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I was expecting the texture of this face cleanser to be more gritty than it actually was. It was more like their charcoal cleanser, more like a gel. The cleanser did foam up and made my face feel fresher but I didn’t notice any difference with my pores. This face cleanser claims to make your skin softer and smoother. I did not expeince any of that, it actually made my skin extremely dry.

I think I will stick with the charcoal cleanser over the baking soda cleanser. Explore the rest of the Bioré brand here.

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