About Me

Hi! I’m Kirby! I am a 90s baby who grew up on Long Island and loves to give her opinion and keep everyone in the know. I enjoy reading a good book, traveling around the globe with my family & high school sweetheart, and testing my skills cooking and baking in the kitchen.
I live for the holidays and have been called The Ultimate Gift Giver (self-given name), I love to find the deals of the century, and have no problem experimenting with makeup. I can be found binge watching movies & tv shows on Netflix, snuggling with my two puppies (Carter & Gigi), or contemplating about what subscription box to sign up for next.






I started Pretty Darn Girly in spring 2014 when I couldn’t keep track of all the subscription boxes I was receiving in the mail! I’ve always been someone people have turned to for advice with fashion, beauty, and everything in between. I was constantly being asked about subscription boxes and what I was receiving in them and being an overly organized person I wanted an easy and well-ordered way to keep track of every subscription box and give my honest opinions about what I was receiving and if it were worth it to continue to subscribe. I like to share reviews of subscription boxes, upcoming sweepstakes, and beauty product reviews. I also share some fashion posts and websites where you can receive free stuff to test out! I have plans for a travel and food section of my lifestyle blog and I update lists about what I’m watching & reading. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

If you would like to contact Pretty Darn Girly for any questions or if you would like your product or subscription box be featured on this website, please email:


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