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Rosali Tea Subscription Box – Review – April 2016

Rosali Tea is a subscription box that sends an assortment of three teas to you each month. The boxes start at $14.95 each month with free shipping. This subscription ships out on the 10th of each month.

This box was sent for review purposes.

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I adore this box and I love the way it glides open!

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Tea Bags & Wooden Tea Spoon

I was a little concerned at first when I realized the tea was loose tea and not in tea bags. So I was delightfully surprised to find these biodegradable tea bags and this high quality wooden spoon to  measure out the loose tea and place in these awesome tea bags. Such great items to include in this box!

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White Peony Tea $11.99

This is a white tea with low caffeine. This tea is from china and the health benefits include stress relief, weight loss, anti oxidants, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and is anti aging. When I saw this was a peony tea, I was all over this! I was literally so excited to get this tea, peonies are my favorite flower so I could not wait to try this tea. I steeped this tea for about 5 minutes and the tea became a really light yellow because this is a white tea so I wasn’t expecting much color. This was my first time having a white tea and it was a lot more mild than I was expecting. It smelled great in the bag but I didn’t really experience all that flavor once steeped. Overall super happy I got to drink my favorite flower!

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Lemon Ginger Squeeze Tea $9.99

This is a blended tea and has no caffeine. This tea is from South Africa and the health benefits include immune boosting, asking soothing and anti aging, and also has antioxidants. This tea has to be steeped for 5-7 minutes. This smells more like a black tea, I usually drink english breakfast tea so this smells more like the tea that I drink everyday.


Sencha Kanaya-Midori Cultivar $11.99

I can’t find this tea on their website. This is a green tea with medium caffeine. The health benefits include antioxidants and fights uv damage to the skin. This tea has to be steeped for 1-2 minutes. I love green tea and green tea lattes! I love the way this smells like spinach, my boyfriend calls it seaweed. You should drink green tea when you have your period because it helps soothe and calm your cramps and overall makes you happier.

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This box has a total value of $33.97 and thats without the spoon and tea bags. Personally I think thats a great value! This whole box overall was a beautiful experience and continently has a high quality feeling! Just as a side note, Rosali Tea has exceptional customer service and has a speedy response which is always so rare with subscription box customer service I adored this box! What did you think of this months box? Click here to sign up and get in on the next box!

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