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MunchPak Subscription Box – Review – April 2016

MunchPak is a snack subscription to try snacks from all over the world! It comes in 3 different sizes: Mini which is 5-6 snacks for $9.95, Original is 10 or more for $19.95, and the Family Pak is 20 or more for $39.95. You can also choose if you would like your box once a week, every two weeks, or once a month.

This is a review of the Mini Munch Pak

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This box was sent for review purposes.

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Warheads Gummy Worms $2.90

These gummy worms are the newest candy to the warheads collection. I was expecting these to be super sour. Growing up with warheads candy, it was basically known that these candies were so sour that it was almost unbearable. Fortunately, these gummy worms are sweet and taste great!

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Bugsy Snacks Peanut Flavor $1

This snack is from Israel.  I thought this snack was cheese puffs just from the image on the  bag but they are so far from it. I feel like this snack would taste exactly like those peanut packers you would pack a fragile package with. This snack is so weird it just evaporates in your mouth and you are left with a peanut powder. I don’t remember seeing this snack while I was in Israel last summer but I love experiencing new snacks!


Western Smokehouse Jerky Stick in Jalapeno and Sweet & Sassy $2 each

This is a snack made in America. I’m not huge on this kind of snack, I’m more of sweet and salty kind of girl. The sweet & sassy stick was extremely spicy. I was not expecting heat like that from a name like sweet and sassy. The jalapeño wasn’t as spicy as the sweet & sassy stick, which I wasn’t expecting. These aren’t flavors that I would pick up on my own but I’m glad I got to taste them.

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UHA Puccho Soft Candy Mango $3

This soft mango candy is from Japan. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to mangoes so I’m having my boyfriend trying these out! Kevin loves anything mango and these definitely did not fail him. If anyone has tried Ben & Jerry’s mango sorbet, he says they taste exactly like that! Very sweet and delicious! This makes me jealous that I can’t try them!

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Cikolatali Gofret $1

This chocolate bar is from Italy. I haven’t seen this on my trips to Italy but I usually go for the kinder bars while I’m there. This chocolate wafer bar is more wafer than chocolate. I would prefer vice versa, so I think on my next trip to Italy I will be sticking with my Kinder bars.

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Cosmos Shell Shape Snack $2

This snack is from Korea. I’m extremely confused by what this snack is just from the bag alone. This snack is like peanut brittle cereal, if that makes any sense. Its like corn flakes in a honey peanut crusted glaze. Its such a weird mixture but we can’t stop eating it, it’s kind of addicting.

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I’m thrilled with MunchPak! I love the idea of being able to try snacks from all over the world! I love the diversity of each snack and I’m thrilled with the experience. I got to try NEW snacks from even countries I have visited before. Use the code: PRETTYGIRLY to save $2 off your subscription! What did you think of this months box? Click here to sign up for the next box!

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