Bookcase Club KIDS Review December 2017

Kids Bookcase Club is a monthly subscription box of books for children of all ages. You will receive 3-4 books and it only costs $9.99 each month. Shipping varies by state, shipping for me is only $5!

This box was sent to me for review purposes.

The Nuts: Bedtime at the Nut House $18

This book is adorable, it is apart of a series and this is one of the newer books. The story is about “Mama Nut says it’s bedtime, but Hazel Nut and Wally Nut just aren’t quite ready to stop the fun and go to bed”. There is even a song that you can download to go along with book.

Before We Met $17

This book is absolutely GORGEOUS! The colors and the pictures are stunning and the story is so beautiful. The story is about the mother being pregnant with the baby, which is perfect because my cousin recently found out that she is having her fourth child. I can not wait to give her this book to read to the new baby.


Billy And Goat At The State Fair $17

This book is really cute and silly. I think this is a great book for small kids. Its an easy read with short, standard sentences and colorful fun pictures on every page.

Tulip Loves Rex $18

This book is adorable! Its about this cute little girl who loves to dance and finds this dog that loves to dance and they have so much fun dancing together. Such a cute book for sweet little girls. I can’t wait to give this book to my nieces!

For $9.99 a month you truly get such an amazing deal here! Getting 3-4 books each month, with each one costing more than $15 each. Just one book pays for the whole subscription and the other books are basically free!!! Click here to sign up now to get gorgeous, fun books delivered to your front door!

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