Verb Hydrating Shampoo + Conditioner Product Review

Verb Hydrating Shampoo + Conditioner $16 Each

4.5 and 3.8 stars on influenster-logo

I have used Verb ghost oil in one of my Sephora Play boxes and had such a great experience with the product. I love how shiny and beautiful it made my hair look, so I’m thinking I’m going to have another winning experience with the shampoo and conditioner. After seeing the ratings for the conditioner on Influenster I am a little nervous to see what my hair looks like after a use of this duo in the shower. This shampoo promises to be a hydrating shampoo to cleanse hair, replenish moisture, and protect from heat. It also promises to leave hair feeling soft, smooth, and tangle-free.

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The shampoo and the conditioner smell very citrus-y and the shampoo lathers really nicely. Then I got to the conditioner. At first, I had the conditioner in my palm and it looked like regular conditioner and it smelled nice and fruity, but then I applied it to my hair and it was the weirdest thing. It felt like it washed out immediately. It felt like as I was applying it, it was washed out as soon as I put it in. I know it doesn’t make sense but thats exactly what it felt like. I had to use more of the conditioner and it felt somewhat better, but I never have to use that much conditioner before. So far, not too thrilled with that experience. Then I blew out my hair, like I always do, and my hair was so annoying to untangle, which doesn’t usually happen with my normal shampoo and conditioner. The finished look was beautiful though, my hair looked so shiny and healthy, although it didn’t feel as soft as it looked. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t use this again in the future.


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