Postmark’d Studio – Review – October 2017

Postmark’d Studio is a stationary subscription box that sends out four greeting cards, one postcard, postages, and an extra artsy surprise. The box is $25 + $5.95 Shipping each month. Use code: PDGFREESHIP to save 10% off and Free shipping on a 3 month subscription.

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I received this box for reviewing purposes.

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The theme this month is Breast Cancer Awareness! Postmark’d Has teamed up with Girls Love Mail, which is a beautiful foundation where they collect and send letters to women with breast cancer and 10% of October “PINK” Postbox sales will be donated to Girls Love Mail this month! Click here if you would like to find out more about how you can send in your own letter.

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On to the beautifully wrapped goodies!!

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Postmark’d Studio Pencil

This is a staple in every Postmark’d box! I could always use more pencils!

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Postmark’d Studio Postcard

This is another staple but this month it has the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. This is a basic postcard with Postmark’d branding on it. This is probably the thickest postcard I have ever seen in my life, I love the weight of it. You just know nothing can damage this postcard and it will arrive safe.

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Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Marker in Magenta $5

You might think I am crazy but I am loving this marker. It writes so perfectly and I just love the pink color. Pink is my favorite color so of course I just want to write everything exclusively with this marker. Also this pen can even write if you accidentally leave the cap off for 14 days!


It’s Your Big Day by Inklings Paperie $6

I love this card so much! It is so cute and girly and exactly what I would pick up in the store. I love how bubble becomes 3-D with the pop up! At first I wasn’t sure what to use this card for, big day is kind of vague. After looking only it does confirm what I originally thought, that the card is meant for birthdays. I do have a birthday coming up in the family and this will be perfect to send out to her!

FullSizeRender 17

What the bubble looks like popped up! Loving it!

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I’m Possible by Skel Design $5

Wow. What a perfect card to include this month! First of all, Audrey Hepburn is my absolute favorite, I adore her. This quote is PERFECT for this months theme plus the pink of the card. I don’t think they could have found a more perfect card to include this month.

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Mimas Rose Heart by Open Sea Design $5

Another beautiful card that is just great to have on hand. This card can be used for so many things. Greeting, Birthday, Sympathy, so many uses for this blank card.

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Hello Set Of 5 Postcards by Alexazdesign $5.50

Loving this design. So girly but edgy with the darker colors, and hello in white just pops! I can’t wait to send out one of these postcards this fall!

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BOoOobs by TAYHAM $5

This card was designed to remind people that October isn’t just about Halloween it is also about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Loving this card and definitely have to send this to someone who has a sense of humor.

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You Go Girl by Bred & Butter Paper Co $4.50

Another perfectly curated card for this months box. Not only is this card all pink but it also includes a message of girl power that we so need for this months theme!

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Dear Friend by Gina L Mulligan $11

This was such a nice surprise in this months box. The founder of  Girls Love Mail made this book of letters of encouragement, humor, and love for women with breast cancer. The book is filled with letters from women, men, and even children. It is so beautiful and  moving and I have enjoyed reading some letters.


I always love seeing the stamps just as much as the letters. This month Wonder Woman and the Breast Cancer stamp feel most appropriate and make me love them the most.

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Living on Long Island we have the HIGHEST rates for breast cancer than anywhere else in the nation. Not even including the state of New York, just my little island. Just living here you definitely know people that have been impacted by this cancer and it is just heartbreaking even though my immediate family has not been personally impacted, I truly just care so much about the awareness of it and how we need to find a cure!


This is definitely my favorite mail subscription box! I am beyond impressed by the curation of this subscription! I can not wait to see what next months theme is and what fun surprises await me! I am so excited to send out these cards to surprise people with this fun and unique cards! Don’t forget to use code: PDGFREESHIP to save 10% off and Free shipping on a 3 month subscription.

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