Postmark’d Studio – Review – September 2017

Postmark’d Studio is a stationary subscription box that sends out four greeting cards, one postcard, postages, and an extra artsy surprise. The box is $25 + $5.95 Shipping each month. Use code: PDGFREESHIP to save 10% off and Free shipping on a 3 month subscription.

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I received this box for reviewing purposes.

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The theme this month is Old School!

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Postmark’d Studio Postcard

This is a basic postcard with Postmark’d branding on it. This is probably the thickest postcard I have ever seen in my life, I love the weight of it. You just know nothing can damage this postcard and it will arrive safe.

FullSizeRender 5

Postmark’d Studio Pencil

Yes! A pencil! Seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t get excited over new things? I could always use more pencils!

FullSizeRender 14

Phone Hello 2-in-1 by Warren Tales $5

This card is absolutely adorable and creative! This card also has a detachable postcard so whoever you sent the card to can send you a short message back! I love it, I can’t wait to figure out who I am going to send it to!

Pink Pearl Eraser Card by Sloe Gin Fizz $4

Apparently this is an apology card! I definitely didn’t read into that at all. It is blank inside to personalize your apology. The description says it is an apology card because you wanted to erase something you said, very creative.

FullSizeRender 11

The Original Laptop Postcard $3.50

I didn’t think this card was that funny, but when I showed my mom she couldn’t stop laughing. I guess this postcard will have to be sent to someone in an older generation so they can actually appreciate the joke.

Computer Calendar by Blackbird Letterpress $6

I could not get over this card. This card actually has a full out mini calendar on it! I think it is so fun and such a great idea to remind a friend about an upcoming event! I can’t wait to send it to someone for their birthday or anniversary or just remind someone of a day that is special to us!

Richard III Shakespeare Play Envelopes (set of 10)

I could not find these envelopes anywhere online but I adore them they have pages of a book on the inside of them and with a little research I found out they were from the play Richard III by Shakespeare. I never read that play but I still admire the envelopes, they will add an extra something to any letter!

UPDATE: The reason why I could not find these online, is because they are a Postmark’d original! What a beautiful special touch to be added by Postmark’d!

FullSizeRender 4

Pencil Case & Pencils $3 & Pink Pearl Eraser $5

This was such a nice surprise! I was not expecting to find all of this in this months box. At first I thought it was just the pencil case but when I picked it up it was so heavy, I looked in side and there were a dozen sharpened pencils and a eraser! I felt like I was going back to elementary school, it was such a wonderful surprise!

FullSizeRender 15

50 Library Cards by Frankier & Claude $8

I didn’t really understand why these were included at first, they definitely fit the theme but Postmark’d says that these library cards are great for note taking, list making, crafts, and notecards! Thats why they included those beautiful blue envelopes to go with these adorable library cards.

FullSizeRender 3


Postmark’d sent a extra postcard stamp this month to go with the Hello 2-in-1 card! I personally LOVE the solar eclipse stamp this month since my Fiancé and I did stop at my sisters school in High Point especially to watch the eclipse happen!

FullSizeRender 12

This is definitely my favorite mail subscription box! I am beyond impressed by the curation of this subscription! I can not wait to see what next months theme is and what fun surprises await me! I am so excited to send out these cards to surprise people with this fun and unique cards! Don’t forget to use code: PDGFREESHIP to save 10% off and Free shipping on a 3 month subscription.


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