Crowdtap – Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner – Review

CrowdTap is another website that is WOMM (Word Of Mouth Marketing). You just log on to their website and click on the brand you want to participate with and answer a few questions about the brand and your opinion towards the brand and things that they have done or might do in the future. If you are lucky they might even choose you to try out their products! You can also win gift cards from answering all their questions

I received these items from Crowdtap for review purposes.


Marc Jacobs Beauty!!

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Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Pink of Me $25

This is definitely not my first pick for an eyeliner but I love the description of this eye crayon ‘A gel pot eyeliner in a crayon that delivers intense color’. Yes please! This Marc Jacobs eyeliner also has a 12-hour waterproof wear! This eyeliner works amazingly, its glides on effortlessly and has ‘intense’ color as promised. It definitely lives up to its description. My first thought was that I would use this color on my water line to make my eyes look bigger but this eye crayon didn’t really work well there, it glides a lot easier and looks more flawless when drawn on the eyelid. Still not an everyday color for me but I could definitely try to make this color work.

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Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Eye Crayon Eyeliner in (Earth)quake $25

This is closer to the color that I wear more, I mean I wear black eyeliner but at least it isn’t baby pink. I’m expecting the same results from this one as the Pink of Me since they are the same product just in different colors. This color actually works better on the water line, I’m guessing because the pink made my lashes underneath stand out too much but the brown just blends in. Again, this eyeliner is amazing and glides right on. This is basically a fool proof eyeliner for anyone that has difficulty with applying eyeliner. I would just like to get it in black now!

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I am always so happy to try out new products! Click here to sign up on Crowdtap and get in on the next campaign.

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