Buxom Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick – Product Review

Buxom Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick in Pink Decoy $22

4.6 stars on influenster-logo


I’m a fan of Buxom lip products, they definitely know how to make makeup. This color Pink Decoy is a matte electric pink but it definitely looks red to me. Buxom promises that this lipstick is a one swipe wonder and will deliver full coverage will little touch ups and is lightweight, moisturizing and the color will last all day! This lipstick comes in 30 colors explore the shades here!

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I always apply chapstick before I do my lipstick just because I feel like it gives it sort of a nice base to even out the color. The lipstick went on really smooth and did feel very moisturizing on my lips. The lipstick lasted on my lips for a few hours but as soon as I bit into my lobster roll, poof, my lipstick was gone. Plus, I know Buxom described this lipstick as a one swipe wonder, but it took this girl three swipes to get full coverage. The color wasn’t even my favorite. Buxom describes it as a hot pink but it feels more like a red than a pink. There are so many other lipsticks That I would grab for before this one. It definitely wasn’t the worst lipstick I have tried but it is also not my favorite one.

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