Jackie’s Chocolate – Review – August 2017

Jackie’s Chocolate subscription box is a monthly delivery of delicious handcrafted chocolates. They offer three subscription levels you can choose from; 5-6 pieces of chocolate per month is $9.95, 10-12 pieces of chocolate per month is $19.95, and 20-24 pieces of chocolate per month is $39.95. USE CODE: GIRLY25 to save 25% off any subscription! That makes the $9.95 subscription ONLY $5.96!

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Chocolates are all cool and safe from the August sun!

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Let’s Indulge 10-12 Piece Subscription $19.95

If you know me at all you know that I love chocolate, my fiancé on the other hand could take it or leave it.  When this box arrived at our house Kevin was all over these chocolates! These chocolates are so divine and you can absolutely taste how fresh and handcrafted they truly are.

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Kevin and I have been splitting the chocolates because we both want to try all of them! We can not get over how delicious and creamy the chocolate is.


This one had a coffee flavored center. We unfortunately already ate my favorite one and did not get a picture of it, it was a s’more chocolate. It was a handcrafted mallomar and it was absolutely delicious. Kevin and I both agreed that was the coolest handcrafted chocolate out of the bunch!


I am so thrilled with the quality of these scrumptious chocolates! I was expecting the chocolates to be good but I was not expecting them to be THIS GOOD. I recommend everyone trying some Jackie’s chocolates today! Plus, you guys have 25% off any subscription with the code: GIRLY25!

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