Crowdtap – RXBar Kids – Review

CrowdTap is another website that is WOMM (Word Of Mouth Marketing). You just log on to their website and click on the brand you want to participate with and answer a few questions about the brand and your opinion towards the brand and things that they have done or might do in the future. If you are lucky they might even choose you to try out their products! You can also win gift cards from answering all their questions

I received these items from Crowdtap for review purposes.


RXBAR Kids Berry Blast

This bar is 130 calories and it is made with 2 egg whites, 4 almonds, 5 cashews, and 1 date. Literally all the ingredients are wholesome and good, you do not have to worry about feeding anything unhealthy to your kids when you hand them this bar.

FullSizeRender 4

RXBAR Kids Chocolate Chip

This bar is 140 calories and made with 2 egg whites, 4 almonds, 5 cashews, 1 date and no chemicals! Honestly, these bars don’t taste half bad. They obviously don’t taste like a chocolate chip cookie but for a all natural healthy snack these really don’t taste bad. I could totally see myself snacking on these snacks on the go.

FullSizeRender 3

RXBAR Kids Apple Cinnamon Raisin

This bar is 130 calories and is also made with 2 egg whites, 4 almonds, 5 cashews, and 1 date. I am loving this all natural no added sugar or ‘bad stuff’ in these bars. These are perfect for on the go. I can not wait to try this one out later this week.

FullSizeRender 2

I also received two $2 off 5-pack boxes and two free 5 pack boxes. I can not wait to stock up on these yummy bars and being one snack closer to a healthier lifestyle. Click here to sign up on Crowdtap and get in on the next campaign.

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