Chatterbox – Post-It Super Sticky – July 2017

Chatterbox is a program that is a part of House Party. These websites are like WOM advertising and have you throw parties to promote a product. The chatterbox program is more like bzzagent, in which they send you a product and you review it for your self or with a friend and you talk to other people about it and review it.

I was chosen for the Post-It Super Sticky Notes!

I have received all of this complimentary to try and review.

FullSizeRender 2



Post-it Super Sticky Purse Dispenser $11

I can not find this stainless steel looking purse anywhere online. The black purse in the link above was the only post-it purse dispenser I could find. However, I absolutely adore this dispenser! It fits my personality and will definitely girl up my work space and make working a little bit more fun whenever I need a post it! This dispenser comes with 45 super sticky notes already packed in it. I had a little trouble at first trying to open this purse up at first I had to read the instructions *twice*, I’m going to blame that on jet lag though. If you have recently acquired one of these cuties and can not figure out how to open it you can watch the youtube video I have found here!


Post-it Super Sticky Notes 

I love that they send one already in the dispenser and then another single pack whether to use it to refill the purse or to just use it alone on the go or however you choose. These post it notes are stickier than the other post it notes and you are 42% more likely to make things happen when you write it down. So you can have your super sticky notes reminding you to get things done all year long!

FullSizeRender 3

I am always happy to try a new product! Will you be signing up for Houseparty/chatterbox?


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