Daily Goodie Box – Review – July 2017

 Daily Goodie Box is a FREE box that is shipped out once a month and its filled with 10 FULL SIZED & deluxe samples! Daily goodie box is basically a mix between Pinchme and Social Nature and they ship out the first Monday of each month! All you have to do once you get the box is leave reviews for each product once you have tried it out!

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Honey Stinger Cran – Apple & Walnuts $2

This pure natural energy bar is made with all natural gluten free ingredients. I can literally read every ingredient on the nutrition facts which is a huge plus for me. This bar will definitely come in handy on my 12 – 13 hour workdays!

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Natural Vitality Anti- Stress Drink 

YES!!! Especially now that I am newly engaged and the wedding planning has become I NEED these in my life! I can not wait to drink one of these bad boys when we get closer to the engagement party!  SO many good flavors too, Raspberry lemon, orange, original, cherry, and lemon.

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Davidson Coconut Vanilla Dessert Tea

I love coconut and vanilla but I’m not sure about this mixture as tea. Just smelling that dry tea is making me sick, it smells way too sweet. This tea smells like a super sweet hard caramel, but it actually doesn’t taste terrible. It wasn’t as sweet as it smelled.

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flapJacked Milk Chocolate Protein Smoothie With Greek Yogurt

We really aren’t into protein smoothies but this one sounds pretty good. All you do is mix 8 oz of milk with this powder and voila, its a smoothie! It sounds easy and delicious! We can not wait to try this out!


Detox Water Mangaloe

In this house aloe water doesn’t last long. We love aloe beverages and I am so beyond jealous that this one is mango flavored because I am allergic to mangoes and that means Kevin gets this drink all to hisself.

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Popped Chickpeatos  in Caramel Sea Salt

This is definitely an odd mix, chickpeas and caramel? I doubt this will be a snack I end up liking. I am definitely a fan of 100 calories with 1 gram of sugar though.

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Goddess Garden Sunscreen SPF 30 Lip Balm

What a perfect lip balm to include in this months box! Everyone could use a SPF 30 on their lips in the summer. One time I did get a sunburn on my lips in Hawaii and I didn’t even think you could get a sunburn there. It was such a horrible experience, I made sure to wear SPF when I went to Mexico a few weeks ago. This lip balm is creamy and hydrating and taste and smells just like an orange creamsicle.

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Balla Body Powder

This body powder is so lemony goodness smelling! This powder is from Italy and is supposed to make you feel refreshed.

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Curoxen First Aid Ointment

This ointment has no drugs in it whatsoever, the only ingredients are olive oil and oil from a flower to help soothe cuts and scrapes.

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Palo Popcorn Premium Cheddar Cheese

So, let me first say that I hate the packaging of this bag. If I saw this on a shelf I would never pick this bag up their product looks cheap and dirty to me, even though it says premium on the bag. All the ingredients look great but they need to do some serious rebranding.

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I am so impressed by the curation of this Daily Goodie Box. They have included so many Full sized products and deluxe sized samples. I love getting to experience new products and I love how this whole experience was 100% free. Sign up here to get in on the next months box!

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