Harrison Blake Box – Review – June 2017

Harrison Blake Box is a subscription box for men. They include 1 Necktie and 5 accessories for men at the low price of $25 a month + Free Shipping.

I received this box for free for reviewing purposes.

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Harrison Blake Apron $10

They didn’t have this apron on their website but they had a drawstring bag that was very similar for $5. This apron was extremely low quality feeling but did feel like it would be perfect for cutting meats because of its water resistant qualities.


Fathers Day was at my house this year and this package came in perfect time so Kevin, my boyfriend, had something to cover his delicate linen shirt while he cut our steaks for dinner.


Harrison Blake Drink Shaker $4

This drink shaker is very tiny and made out of plastic, it is definitely not something you could use for making multiple drinks at once or for entertaining at home. This would be a good item if you are planing on going on a picnic this summer and wanted to make mixed drinks there. Otherwise this is not very realistic.


Harrison Blake Hare Lapel Pin $20

I’m going to be very honest, I would not pay $20 for this pin at all, It looks like it was made for $3. The only time I could ever see Kevin wearing this pin is for Easter, and still thats a long shot. This is a huge miss for our household.

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Harrison Blake Pink Knit Necktie $30

The card included in this box says that this tie is $30 but every knit necktie on this website is $18. This necktie is not the best quality and probably a little too feminine for my boyfriend to wear. My boyfriend was shocked and confused by the bottom of this tie. He was not a fan of the straight edge and promised he wouldn’t be wearing it.

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Harrison Blake Floral Cotton Square $20

This cotton square is listed for $20 on this card included in the box but it is only $10 on their website. Other than that, I have no problems with the pocket square. It reminds me quite a bit like Ted Bakers products.

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Harrison Blake Wooden Bracelet $15

I would absolutely never pay $15 for this cheap bracelet. This is something that is definitely made for a nickel. Honestly, When I saw this in the box I knew that I could never order a box from them again. If they are going to include a item like this and pretend its $15, I no longer have trust in your company.

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This subscription box has made me very disappointed. I was very excited to receive this in the mail and do a review for the company but I can not say that I enjoyed this box and that I would subscribe to it in the future. Everything is very low quality and their information card says that its total value is $99. I don’t appreciate being lied to. Also, I did not realize that everything was Harrison Blake originals, which is something I am personally not a fan of. If you think I am over reacting and you did enjoy the contents of this box you can get it for only $10 with the code SEASON.

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