Smiley 360 – Snapple Straight Up Tea – Review

Smiley360 is a website kind of like Bzzagent and Swaggable. You sign up and tell them a little bit about yourself and then you take surveys on campaigns that they have available. If you qualify then you get in their campaign. Once you get to use it you have to go back to their website and conduct a short review about their product.


For this campaign I received a 2 coupons for a single bottle of Snapple Straight Up Tea. I purchased 1 bottle of Snapple Staight Up Tea Unsweetened and 1 bottle of Snapple Straight Up Tea Sorta Sweet.

FullSizeRender 2

Snapple Straight Up Tea Sorta Sweet $2

This drink has 90 calories, 23 grams of carbs, and 22 grams of sugar. That is a lot more than ‘a touch of sugar’ that they advertise. The flavor is so bitter but also has an undertone of sweetness. Given the nutrition facts I would not pick this drink up for a iced tea with all the guilt.


Snapple Straight Up Tea Unsweetened $2

This drink has 0 calories, 0 sugars, 0 carbs. This is what I like to see, a guilt free drink. This unsweetened ice tea is so refreshing and has so much flavor. I would absolutely grab this snapple over the sorta sweet snapple and maybe even as a treat instead of water, because its really not bad for you to drink. Next time I see this at the store I would get a six pack of these for on the go in the summer.

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I’m always happy that I was chosen for a campaign!  Sign up here to get in on the next campaign.

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