Smiley 360 – O.B. Tampons – Review

Smiley360 is a website kind of like Bzzagent and Swaggable. You sign up and tell them a little bit about yourself and then you take surveys on campaigns that they have available. If you qualify then you get in their campaign. Once you get to use it you have to go back to their website and conduct a short review about their product.

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For this campaign I received a 40 pack of super tampons and five coupons for a free box of tampons. I purchased 5 boxes of tampons and distributed them amongst friends and family, since I do not use tampons regularly.

O.B. Super Tampons $7

I love how they fit 40 in this little box but the whole trick is, is that there is no applicator or packaging for these tampons. That little white tampon that you see on the box is what you get.  A lot of the feedback that I have gotten back is that it is super weird if you are used to a regular tampon and you have to literally use your fingers for the dirty work.  Plus, I’ve been hearing that it is a lot more painful than regular tampons, but that might just be because these are super sized. Probably not the best product for someone who is squeamish or cant handle pain.


I’m always happy that I was chosen for a campaign!  Sign up here to get in on the next campaign.

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