Sample Source- Review – May 2017

Sample Source is a sample website a lot like Pinchme. Except, Sample Source only offers samples three times a year. One thing that is very unlike any sample website is that Sample Source does not ask for any surveys after trying the products.  Only one person is allowed to request samples per household!

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I hope they are sending me another box with the other items. I ordered about 6 items and only received one!


Method 4X Concentrated Laundry Detergent in Ginger Mango

I’m actually allergic to Mangoes, so I was pretty upset to see this was the scent they sent me. I checked the label and I did not see any mango on the ingredients list, so hopefully this will not give me a reaction. I think I will only be using this on my towel wash just to make sure. I think using this on a regular clothes or bedding wash is a little too risky for me to test this product out with. I really liked the scent when I smelled it from the bottle and while I was pouring the liquid into the washer. Once my laundry came out of the dryer the scent of the wash was extremely fragrant and gave me and immediate headache. I am not sure I will be able to continue to use this laundry detergent.

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I am always happy to try out new products! Click here to get in on the next samples!

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