PINCHme – Review – April 2017

PINCHme is a website where you signup and complete a survey about yourself. Once you complete your survey you are then allowed to choose samples that they have available that are relevant to you and your lifestyle. Once you receive your sample(s) you then simply try the product and review it. You will get points and badges as you complete more reviews.

The boxes look like this! They stand out so you can get excited when you see your mailman holding it!

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Sensodyne Deep Clean Toothpaste

This is sensodynes newest toothpaste. Its promises advanced cleaning with long lasting freshness, and of course, sensitivity relief. I have super sensitive teeth but I usually only use crest whitening toothpaste because I personally feel like it cleans and whitens better than any other toothpaste that I have come across. I am definitely not a fan of this toothpaste. It does not foam up or leave me feeling completely clean. Deep clean, I don’t think so. My mouth was left feeling chalky and absolutely not fresh. I had to brush my teeth with my trusted toothpaste.

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Purina Bella Wet Dog Food

I have been receiving and reviewing this product a lot lately. My dog really like the first one she tried but lately both my dogs have lost all interest in this product. They are so dissatisfied and will walk right by this product. I will be donating these extra packs.


Slim Fast Advanced Nutrition Smoothie

I’ve always wanted to try these shakes but at the same time I am so nervous to try them. I have heard mixed reviews about how they taste and if they are really healthy for you. The whole packet is 110 calories and all you have to do is add fat free milk and just replace this with two meals a day. It sounds compelling. I will have to try this in the near future.

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Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint

We love Tea over here and I especially love green tea! For some crazy reason I have never tried Pure Leaf tea, so I am very excited to get to try this! I love how high quality the tea smells and the look of the bag. The flavor is a perfect mixture of green tea and mint. I would love to try this in different flavors as well!

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Shutter fly Photo Book 

Honestly, this is one of my favorite items in the Pinchme boxes. We go on a lot of vacations so these really come in handy when we want to capture our trips in a stunning photo book!

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Aqua Vela After Shave Balm

Personally as a woman I have never used after shave. But now that I have it, I think it would be really great to try on bikini sides. I like that it is a balm and not a liquid. It says lightly scented but its more like heavily scented and kind of smells like a man scent, which is fine because this is targeted towards men. The cream is really light and moisturizing.

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I am still happy to try new stuff! What did you think of this months samples?! If you want to be on the next release of samples sign up now at PINCHme!

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