Degustabox – Review & Coupon – March 2017

Degustabox is a food subscription box. It sends 10-15 items every month for only $19.99 a month plus free shipping! Click here to get your first box for $9.99 & FREE SHIPPING!

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Goya Quinoa Blend $3

This quinoa is super easy to make you can make it on the stove top or you can even make it in your microwave! Whichever way you choose to make it, the process ends up being less than 20 minutes, which is perfect for a quick fix last minute meal. This quinoa blend is made with brown rice, black beans, bell peppers and spices, and is 100% whole grain. Kevin is convinced that he likes quinoa, but I’m not so sure I’m a fan. I will have to make this one night and hopefully the spices in this mix will mascaraed the taste and the texture.


Pauls Finest Quinoa Nuts, Seeds, & Honey $7.50

Degusta really likes Quinoa this month. I have never seen quinoa in a bar like this before so this is a very unique product for me. These bars are made with all wholesome ingredients, you can actually read everything and probably have most of it in the pantry. Being able to read all the ingredients is such a plus for me on any food product. These bars are also gluten free, NON GMO, and organic. The feedback I have gotten is that this smells a lot like hamster food, it also has a very chewy texture to it, and the taste of the bar gets better as you eat them.

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Loacker Gran Pasticceria Tortina Original With Hazelnut Cream $4

Um, YES. I love getting chocolate in these boxes! I’m so excited to try a new chocolate hazelnut cookie. These cookies are so delectable, they are little cookies wrapped up individually. I really like these cookies but there are only 3 cookies in this box. I would probably pick these up if I passed them in the store.

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Good Thins Sweet Potato $3.70

I think it was only last month we received Good Thins in a different flavor. I did enjoy them and I love sweet potatoes so I’m happy to have another box on hand. We love these chips, I’m pretty sure they will be gone very soon. Plus, 23 chips are only 130 calories so they really aren’t that bad for you either.

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Lemoncocco $1.60

This is a naturally flavored lemon and coconut drink and it is from Italy! It is 90 calories but it has 20 grams of sugar, which is crazy high. I will have to refrigerate this and have it another time once it is colder.

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Mrs. Thinsters Cookie Thins Chocolate Chip $3

These cookies are so good and crunchy. I really like these cookies and I usually don’t like crispy cookies but I’m really into these. I’m just not a fan that only five cookies are 130 calories. These cookies are so little and I can see myself eating a lot of these.

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Tolerant Chickpea Pasta $5

I did not know this even existed. Kevin and I love chickpeas so I’m sure this pasta will be a huge hit here! The next time I’m making pasta I will make it will this chickpea pasta.

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Energems Mint Dark Chocolate $7

I received energems for the first time in Degusta box a few months ago. I love energems, I take them when I do not have time to have coffee. They taste like candy and they work fast! I really like them and I really happy to have more on hand.

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Boboli Original Crust $5

I can not wait to make pizza with this. Kevin and I usually make pizza at home with dough, but this works too and just one less step. This packaging says that I have to use it by March 14 which is way past now but hopefully if I keep it sealed and in the fridge it will last long enough so we can make it when we get home from vacation. Now we have to choose Hawaiian pizza or margarita.

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7 Days PB&J Croissant $1.50

I was beyond excited to see this in my Degusta box this month. I actually hate PB&J but Kevin just can not get enough, so I was so excited for him. He can not wait to try this but he wants to save it for our upcoming plane ride! It looks delicious, I honestly wish I liked PB&J, but it just isn’t for me.

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They said I would recieve 10-15 items and I received 10 items equaling $41.30! This is probably the least amount of stuff I have received with the lowest price as well. I am still impressed and in shock how they can offer free shipping for a box that is one of the heaviest boxes I have ever received. What did you think of this months DegustaboxClick here to sign up for the next box for only $9.99!

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