Philosophy Unconditional Love Firming Body Emulsion – Product Review

Philosophy Unconditional Love Fiming Body Emulsion $37

4.6 stars on influenster-logo


I am a long time user of multiple Philosophy products and because I love this brand I definitely will have higher standards for this product than from a brand that I have never tried before. I am such a big fan of this brand and yet I have never come across this lotion until today. This lotion promises to be a ultra-hydrating, scented body lotion with antioxidant and firming properties.

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I applied this to my skin after getting out of the shower. This lotion absorbed pretty quickly and made my skin very soft after just one application. I am just not a fan of the scent of this lotion, it smells a lot like hairspray. I don’t even know how anything can smell like hairspray except for hairspray, but this lotion does a pretty good job of pretending. I have not noticed any firming abilities, so if you are going to purchase this lotion solely on that one aspect, I would pass on this product. Actually the only positive property of this lotion would be that it made my skin extremely soft very quickly, but I’m positive I could find a much cheaper product to do the same thing.

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