PINCHme – Review – February 2017

PINCHme is a website where you signup and complete a survey about yourself. Once you complete your survey you are then allowed to choose samples that they have available that are relevant to you and your lifestyle. Once you receive your sample(s) you then simply try the product and review it. You will get points and badges as you complete more reviews.

The boxes look like this! They stand out so you can get excited when you see your mailman holding it!


Hibiclens Skin Cleanser $6

When I received this in my pinchme box I was like ‘ok, soap’ but then my boyfriend, Kevin saw this soap and thought it was pretty cool. For Kevin to think that soap is pretty cool was odd. He told me that this soap was a little over the top to have at home because the ingredients in here are very similar to the ones that are used before surgery. We thought this would be really great to have on hand but then we did end up using it on my dog. Carters foot was bleeding so we ended up washing his feet with this before Kevin treated it with medicine.


Shutterfly 8×8 Photo Book $30

I have received this in my last Pinchme box and I LOVE getting these! Who doesn’t want free photo books from shutter fly. Especially because Kevin and I go on many trips throughout the year and end up with many photos. We just have to get around to making these books now!


Just For Men ControlGX Grey Reducing Shampoo $8

I’m not 100% sure how this shampoo actually works, but since I am a 24 year old lady with no gray hair, I will clearly not be using this product. I will have to pass this along to someone that will actually get use out of this product.


Well, my samples this month were definitely not as good as last month, but I am still happy to try new stuff! What did you think of this months samples?! If you want to be on the next release of samples sign up now at PINCHme!


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