Daily Goodie Box – Review – February 2017

 Daily Goodie Box is a FREE box that is shipped out once a month and its filled with 10 FULL SIZED & deluxe samples! Daily goodie box is basically a mix between Pinchme and Social Nature and they ship out the first Monday of each month! All you have to do once you get the box is leave reviews for each product once you have tried it out!


The box arrived inside of the USPS Priority Mail Box


Opened !


Natures Bakery Raspberry Fig Bar

I have tried fig bars from multiple subscription boxes. I know a lot of people like these and everyone always says they are a lot like fig newtons. I am not a fan of fig newtons so I passed this along to my mom who really enjoyed this bar. She agreed they reminded her of fig newtons.


Naturally Better Xylichew Sugar Free Chewing Gum Spearmint $2

I have never seen gum like this before and I love the idea of this healthy no sugar or artificial sweetener gum. It is made in the USA and it GMO Free. I honestly thought these were going to taste like cardboard but they taste like regular gum and they have so much flavor! You don’t always have to sacrifice while being healthy!


Dream Water Sleep Powder Snoozeberry $1.40

This Dream Water sleep powder is a drug free, fast acting sleep aid. You can take this powder with hot water, cold water, or no water at all! You should start feeling the effects after 30 minutes. I took mine with cold water and it had a very sweet fruit taste to the drink. It kind of reminds me of like fun dip powder mixed with water. I can already feel the effects after 10-15 minutes. I have become very drowsy very fast and since I spend hours each night trying to fall asleep this seems like a very promising product for me. I fell right asleep and I didn’t even wake up through the night which is not like me. I usually wake up during once to go get water, or go to the bathroom, or the tv is too loud. I was out cold, I took this drink around 11:30 and I fell asleep at midnight. I would usually go to bed at midnight and not fall asleep until 2 or 3 in the morning. I should definitely get a box of these !


Herr’s Popped Chips Tangy BBQ

I love the nutrition facts on this bag! 100 calories for the whole bag, 2 grams of sugar, 1 gram of protein. I definitely will not feel guilty eating these up as a snack. This bag is packed so full with these popped chips. I’m not crazy about the popped texture but I love the tangy bbq. The bag is gone, this bag could be dangerous if it were bigger.


Vermont Cracked Pepper Beef & Pork Meat Sticks

I have seen a lot of these around but I’m not sure if I have tried these meat sticks before. This is like a jerky sausage, I’m not that big of a fan of the taste or the texture. It is kind of like a sweaty hot dog, I ended up sharing with my dogs.


Gorilly Goods Coast Sweet Curry Cashew $2

Over here we love trail mixes and this one has cashews, raisins, and curry. We are both fans of curry but I do not think that it belongs in this mix. It was a little too spicy for me but Kevin was definitely a fan of it and did not see it being too spicy. Use Coupon: goodiebox to save 25% off.


Coffee Blocks Butter Coffee $3

I was just about to make this morning until I glanced at the nutrition facts. I do not feel comfortable making this coffee. Why does this coffee have 210  calories and 16 grams of saturated fat. Those numbers are way too high and honestly disgusting. It literally is having a stick of butter with some coffee on the side. I will have to pass on trying this.


Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste in Raspberry $7

Raspberries are my favorite fruit but I don’t know how I feel about raspberry toothpaste. I’m surprised that this bottle is full sized! It is pretty tiny but I do appreciate receiving a full size product!  At first glance I thought this was a kids toothpaste but it does not specify that it is for one age or another. This toothpaste is a clear gel, which is totally weird for me because I’m used to a green paste with a minty flavor. This toothpaste didn’t foam, something else I was not fond of. I did feel like my mouth was cleaned, but I do not think I am switching any time soon.


Just Chill Sparkling Calming Beverage in Rio Berry $2

I have never seen product like this and I really like the concept of it. This sparkling calming beverage promises to help reduce stress, help increase focus, and helps to reduce anxiety. One thing that I’m not to crazy about is that it has 17 grams of sugar, I feel like drinking this would give me anxiety about how high that number is.


Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda

This is such a HUGE sample for a sample pack. This sample pack will get me through 15 loads of laundry. I use Tide Pods now so it has been a while since I have used anything other than a little pod. I used to use a liquid detergent and I have personally never used a laundry soda, but I am excited because it makes me feel like a 50s housewife. The directions say you only need one tablespoon for each regular load, I am very impressed how very little of this will go a very long way.


Aloha Dietary Supplement Chocolate Blend $2.50

I do not take any supplements or do any protein shakes but I have seen this brand all over the internet.  I have wanted to try it mostly because the branding of it just looks really nice, my reasoning does not go much deeper than that for this product. I will be passing this along to someone who will appreciate this product more than me. Use code: Goodiesave20 to save 20% off.


I am so impressed by the curation of this Daily Goodie Box. They have included so many Full sized products and deluxe sized samples. I love getting to experience new products and I love how this whole experience was 100% free. Sign up here to get in on the next months box!


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