Estee Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum – Product Review

Estee Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum $89

4.2 stars on influenster-logo


I have always stayed away from Estee Lauder products because I have always felt like they are for a much older woman. Being only in my early 20s now and buying making since I was very young I have personally never bought anything from the brand. This serum promises to help define the look of facial contours and create a smooth, radiant complexion.

This product is available at:

Unknown.jpeg      Unknown.png   Unknown.jpeg Unknown.jpeg

I used this as directed on clean dry skin, right after I washed my face with my everyday face wash. The serum was clear and lightly scented and felt light on my skin. Unfortunately my experience started going down hill from there. My skin now feels tight and uncomfortable. I feel like my skin is so dry and itchy, which it did not feel like before I used this serum. Estee Lauder said that after one use your skin is instantly more radiant and I did not see any physical change after using this product. I definitely do not recommend this serum especially at the extreme high price they have it listed for.

Check out the rest of the brand at Estee Lauder


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