Philosophy Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel – Product Review

Philosophy Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel $62

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I’ve been a fan of this company for basically a decade. I’m used everything from all their flavored lip glosses and their purity face wash has been a staple since the first time I tried it, 9 years ago.  This product is a two step face cleanser, which I usually find annoying, but we will see if it as bad as I think to keep a two step face cleanser each night. Clearly I am no stranger to this brand but for some reason I do not have faith in this product, I just don’t know why but I have serious doubt that this product will not work. The products promise to leave you with clear, fresh, revitalized skin. The two-step peel combines 2 products in 1, to deliver the purifying benefits of a detoxifying mask plus the brightening benefits of an oxygen facial. Step I with activated charcoal draws out dirt and impurities and Step II completes the re-energizing oxygen in a light and airy foam.

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Anything that helps with pores I will try and if it works I will be so loyal to that product. I thought these were two separate cleanser but now really getting into the product I realize that you leave step I on as you apply step II and there is no washing off in between. I am much more confident in this product now knowing this fact, I’m sorry that I completely missed that element. I washed my face with their purity face wash, as I would every night and applied step I to my clean dry face. Step I did not get as dark as I thought it would be and it did not feel like much was going on, I like to feel a burn or some reaction with masks and cleansers. I waited for the first mask to dry which took a lot longer than I thought and then applied step II. It definitely foamed like promised but it was a very slight tingle that made my skin itch more than anything. There is no burning pleasure of face mask with these products and I’m going back to my first hypothesis, that this product is a big waste of money and time. The masks came over very easily but left my face feeling a little slimy. I didn’t notice really any visible difference, my pores on my nose did look a little smaller but not much. I will see that my face definitely feels detoxed, I have never felt so clean in my life, like an extremely deep clean. I love that feeling, but I still do not believe this product is worth the money or the time.

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