PINCHme – Review – January 2017

PINCHme is a website where you signup and complete a survey about yourself. Once you complete your survey you are then allowed to choose samples that they have available that are relevant to you and your lifestyle. Once you receive your sample(s) you then simply try the product and review it. You will get points and badges as you complete more reviews.

The boxes look like this! They stand out so you can get excited when you see your mailman holding it!


Bella Filet Mignon Flavor in Savory Juices Wet Dog Food

So not only did I receive a free wet food pack I also got a BOGO coupon! I love getting coupons like that, they make me feel so awesome when I walk out of the store with a bunch of stuff and I owe them less than $10 because I had all those BOGO or Free product coupons. My dogs are both small dogs and extremely picky. I split this meal pack between the two and the pickiest eater of the two actually ate this. The other one would run when I put it anywhere near him! It took some convincing with Gigi but she finally came around to trying it, which is so not like her. I will be picking up more flavors to see if I can keep her interested in the food.


Hydralyte Effervescent Electrolyte Tablets  FULL SIZE $10

 Wow, I’m beyond impressed I got a full sized product from Pinchme. This product is too perfect for me, I’m always dehydrated. I just can never find myself drinking enough water throughout the day. I am very excited to get to try these tablets out all you have to do is just drop two in a glass of water and let it dissolve and drink it up and let yourself get hydrated.


Burt’s Bees Vanilla Protein Shake

I had no idea Burt was going into the protein shake business. Makes sense, his brand is all about wellness. I do not use protein shakes, so I passed this along to my mom. She drinks protein shakes every morning and I know she would get more use out of this sample than I would.


Shutterfly 8×8 Photo Book $30

This box literally gets better and better each item I pulled out of this box. Kevin and I have been talking about making photo books from shutterfly for a while now but just never got around to making them. Now with this we really don’t have any excuse to not making one! This is such a surprise and I can’t wait to get started on this little project.


Barilla Pesto Sauce  $3

YESSSS a free product coupon. I love pesto sauce and there are so many delicious recipes on Pinterest. Now that I have the pasta kitchen aid attachment, I can not wait to make pesto infused pasta!


I am so impressed with my round up this month. What did you think of this months samples?! If you want to be on the next release of samples sign up now at PINCHme! Next samples release on 02/14/17, Valentines Day! ((Also known as my 6 year anniversary))


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