Rachel Zoe Box of Style – Subscription Box – Review & Coupon – Winter 2016-17

Rachel Zoe Box of Style is $100 and has over a $300 value. It ships out 4 times a year, I like to think of it as each season. Each box will feature Rachel Zoes favorite in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I have to admit – this is my favorite subscription box – I actually love it more than Popsugar. Use this link to save $10 off your first box!




Sunday Riley Tidal Enzyme Brightening Water Cream $65

I love water creams, I’m currently using a moisturizer similar to this one from Clinique.  I love wearing moisturizers like this because they make my skin radiant and don’t leave me feeling greased up. These are the perfect moisturizers for the winter. Rachel Zoe recommends putting this moisturizer on either before you put your makeup on to lock in all day moisture or to put it on after your makeup to give it a dewy glow. I never tried it after my makeup and I’m definitely intrigued. You can find this on eBay for less.


Dagne Dover Exclusive Leather Card Case $50

This card case is exclusive to The Zoe Report Box! Dagne Dover has a card case on their website but it is made with canvas and this one is made with leather. I absolutely prefer the leather. Everything about this card case is stunning and chic! Its perfect if you just want to take your ID, a credit card, and cash for a quick errand. You can find this on eBay for less than half off! Use Code: BOXOFSTYLE for 20% off sitewide till December 31 2017.

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Berry Pop $18.50

I love, love, love clinque products! This color is perfect for winter days and nights! Rachel Zoe promises that this lipstick will stay on for hours so we don’t have to constantly reapply our lipstick while on the go. You can find this on eBay for less. Use Code: ZOEREPORT for 25% off sitewide until 2/15/17. **JUST IN TIME FOR CRAYOLA COLLABORATION**

D.L. & Co. The Zoe Report “Birch” Custom Candle $50

Candles are my weakness. I love them, I have them burning everyday no matter what season. I have never met a candle I haven’t liked, ((except for the tropical scents)) . Luckily for me this candle is divine and smells like christmas winter wonderland goodness. I don’t even mind christmas is over because the snow hasn’t even started here on Long Island yet and this will have me prepared. I think everyone loved their candle because there is only one left on eBay! USE CODE: DLCO20 for 20% off until 2/15/2017.


Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Fragrance

Juicy is trying so hard to make a comeback this year. Making exclusive tracksuits for Bloomingdales and really pushing their fragrance line. Juicy used to be huge when I was in middle school, so this fragrance brings me back to when this was the one fragrance I would use. You can find this on eBay for next to nothing.

Dylanlex Zoey Custom Necklace $200

This was the Hero Item for the month. I was beyond excited when I found out about this gorgeous statement necklace. It is so shiny and definitely my style. I admire how to necklace moves with you as well instead of being stiff and uncomfortable to wear. You can find this on eBay for a fraction of the price, plus if you missed out on this item this is the only place you can get it! USE CODE: ZOEY for 15% off select styles.

Soia & Kyo Olivia Cable Knit Hat $50

I adore whit cable knit hats like this, but I can never find one that is, I guess, small enough for my head. There is usually so much room in the back that it stands up. This one actually fits and you can truly see and feel how high quality it is. I’m so glad I was sent the cream colored one rather than the black or green one. I always love cream colored accessories because I feel like they make my face look brighter. You can find these hats on eBay for next to nothing. USE CODE: ZOE for 20% off sitewide, excluding sale items, until 2/15/17.


I’ve payed $100 for the box and received $433 in fashion forward items! I love this box so much more than last seasons box. I had some misses but I’m very happy about a few items in this box. What did you think of this seasons box from Box of Style. Sign up here to get in on the Fall box! Using this link will save you $10 off your first box!


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