Little Lace Box – Review – October 2016

Little Lace Box is a Bi-monthly subscription box. You will receive 6 boxes a year and the boxes ship out every month on the 20th. The boxes are $49.99 + Free shipping each month. LLB has you complete a style survey upon subscribing to get to know a little bit about your style and clothing sizes.


I was so surprised by the size of the box, it was definitely little.


Le Blanc Linen Wash in Lavender Lady $18

First things first, can we talk about this packing. I think it is so feminine, petite, and adorable! I love it, it is so different than tide pods packaging, which is what I normally use over here. The packaging says to use 1/4 cup for a full load of wash, I just eyed out and figured what would be good for the wash I was currently working on. As soon as I opened the lid on this detergent I could smell the lavender, I was excited already for clean, fresh, lavender smelling towels. Once the wash was done I have clean towels that smelled like a garden. I’m happy that I could try something different and mix it up, instead of what I usually use. I never received laundry detergent in a box before which was a fun change.


A Little Red Bottle of Emergency Stain Rescue $9

This is the perfect product for me to have on hand especially around the holidays. My boyfriend ALWAYS has a stain on his clothing no matter what he is doing or eating or drinking. This stain remover isn’t just for clothes, its also for furniture and carpets. It is safe for colorfast washable fabrics. There are five steps to becoming stain free which makes me tired already, but if it really works I will be ecstatic!


Bangle Bracelet $18.99

This Bracelet was a bonus item to apologize for the delay in the shipping of the October box.  This bracelet does not come with any markings or any branding at all, so I couldn’t find it at all online. It actually looks a lot cuter on and personally I think it looks like high quality and very similar to C Wonder.


Creative Co-op Ivory Ceramic Measuring Spoons $14

I’ve been needing a new set of measuring spoons and I’ve always adored the ceramic ones. They just don’t seem practical to me. I’m so afraid I’m going to break them. I’m positive these won’t last long in my house.


Victoria Classics Cotton Pajama Pants $29

Its extremely bothering me that I’m not being able to find any of these products online.  I hated this print, I hated these pants all together. I tried them on and I LOVE them. They are so comfy and I really don’t want to take them off. They are so cute and for some reason I want to wake up Thanksgiving morning and watch the parade in these pjs!

Creative Co-op Mini Stoneware Round Personal Bakeware $17

This little cutie is Dishwasher, Oven and microwave safe. Its perfect for little casseroles or dips! I can’t wait to put this to great use.


Kilner Spice Jar $2

Such an interesting product to include in a subscription box. They recommend using this for spices, salt, sugars, toothpicks, or matches. I’m not sure what I will be using this tiny jar for. At this moment I don’t think I need a spare spice jar. Maybe if I make my own pesto, it would look cute in this little jar.


They also sent Breast Self-Examination, 20%off and Online Purchase to Francesca’s, Digital code to Sassy Dip Mix by Julias Southern Pantry, and digital download to A View TO Delicious Magazine – by VRAI Magazine and Chef Karista Bennett.


I don’t believe this box is for me. I could not find most of the items online which really bothers me. When I get a box I prefer everything to brand name and a great value for the price especially when this box was so expensive. This box is for someone who is a boutique person. I will not be continuing this subscription for now.

*** Finally got a hold of Little Lace Box to get my codes, they ignored me for a month and finally got through to them through Facebook. They were EXTREMELY rude and I will personally NEVER buy from them again because of my experience.***


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