Degustabox – Review & Coupon – November 2016

Degustabox is a new food subscription box. It sends 10-15 items every month for only $19.99 a month plus free shipping! Click here to get your first box for $9.99 & FREE SHIPPING!




Nib Mor All Natural Superfruit Dark Chocolate Snacks $1.40

These are dark chocolate squares with all natural fruit infused in the chocolate. This is a Non GMO and gluten free snack. Its absolutely delicious. I was expecting it to be a liquid center, so I was a little disappointed when I realized it was just mixed in the chocolate. I’m definitely a fan and can not wait to share this discovery with friends and family!


Chefs Cut Real Turkey Jerky $4

We love jerky over here, so we are so happy to have this in our possession. There were 4 other flavors that I could have gotten, but I’ve always been a fan of teriyaki so I’m pleased with this flavor. It taste like beef jerky and is mostly a better alternative to beef jerky, but over here we recommend have a bottle of water on hand because its a little dry.


Honees Honey Lemon Cough Drops $3

We have received the regular honees cough drops just a few months ago, so I was surprised to see this again in the box. But I am a fan of Honees and I’m happy to have more cough drops on hand and this time in honey lemon flavored.


Beanitos White Bean Chips in Nacho Cheese $ 1 Each

I have tried Beanitos before and I remember having a strong liking for them, so I’m happy to try a new flavor of their chips. I like how one pack is only 170 calories, 0 grams of sugar, 6 grams of protein and fiber! Once again I’m a fan! They definitely have a lot of flavor and the texture is on par with a ‘regular chip’, just a little less crispy.


Beanitos White Bean Chips Hint Of Lime $1 Each

More Beanitos? How did we get so lucky. I like how they send two bags, one for me and one for kevin. We don’t have to share! These are only 140 calories! 1 gram of sugar, 5 grams of protein and fiber! I’m a huge lime person so I can not wait to try these out when I’m on the go.


Oloves Healthy Olive Snack $1.50

I beyond love olives. I pick up olives at the store just to snack on. These olives are made for Italians because they are basil and garlic! This little pack is only 50 calories, its the perfect size to throw in a small purse or lunch bag. They are just like the olives my mom puts out when we have company! They are delicious!


Bruce Cost Ginger Beer $1.50 Each

I love receiving beverages! You never really receive beverages in food boxes so I’m happy to get a beverage each month from Degusta Box.  I like ginger ale but I hate ginger, so I’m kind of nervous about trying this ginger beer. It’s definitely interesting. There is a lot more  ginger in here than in ginger ale, I will be saving the other one for my sister who loves the taste of ginger. As for me and Kevin, we are not fans over here.


Haribo Sour Gold Bears  $4

I received this the same month as the regular honees cough drops, so I’m upset that I’m seeing duplicates only a few months into my subscription. I still haven’t finished the first bag its still in my cabinet. Not that its not good, I’m just more of a chocolate girl than a sour candy person.


Sharwoods Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce $5

I love thai food and this Indian cooking sauce is giving me serious thai food vibes. I can not wait to cook with this simmer sauce, all you will need is some chicken and rice and your dish will be ready in 20 minutes! How simple is that?!


Ponti Glaze With Balsamic Vinegar of Modena $6

In an Italian household you can never have too much balsamic glaze. This stuff is great on just about everything, my favorite of course, tomatoes and mozzarella.  Someone was telling me to try this on some strawberries, I think I will have to pick up some strawberries and give it a try.


Brianna’s Rich Poppy Seed Dressing $4

I actually just used poppy seed dressing the other week for a recipe. I didn’t have that dressing on hand so I had to go out and buy it, I wish this came a little earlier so I didn’t have two. Poppy seed dressing is just not something that I need on hand, but its always nice to have choices. Degusta box recommends using this as a dip as well for apples wedges, bananas, and melon slices.


Once again I am thrilled with the curation of Degustabox! They said I would recieve 10-15 items and I received 15 items equaling $55! I am still impressed and in shock how they can offer free shipping for a box that is one of the heaviest boxes I have ever received. What did you think of this months Degustabox? Click here to sign up for the next box for only $9.99!


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