Try The World Snack Box – Review – October 2016

Try The World Snack Box is a food subscription box that allows you to try 5 or 10 snacks each month from all over the world. I chose the 5 snacks for $19 + Free shipping.




HazerBaba Turkish Delight Real Fruits Cranberry $4

This is a product of Turkey. I’ve always secretly wanted to try turkish delight. I think because the name was so mystical in a sense. I don’t know too much about it but always heard of it. Hmmm, definitely not mystical. I’m absolutely not a fan it is much too sweet and the texture is so gross. I feel like I’m biting into hard fat from steak. Definitely not for me.


Frootiva Apple Bites covered in Açaí $3?

This is a product of Brazil. These are dehydrated apple bites covered in Açaí berries. They suggest putting them on yogurt, ice cream, cereal, and salad. I could definitely see that tasting better than they do alone. We are not a fan of them just plain over here. Not a lot of flavor and very dry. We will trying them with a salad next time!


Pop Notch Marshmallow Popcorn $3.40

This item is from the UK. I’m truly not the biggest fan of popcorn or marshmallows, so I can’t imagine that I would actually like these. My boyfriend on the other hand is a fan of both and he loves this popcorn. He says its nice and crunchy and has a light sweet flavor to it. Plus its only 81 calories a serving!


Samai Plantain Chips With Pacific Sea Salt $2

This is from Ecuador. I LOVE plantains! So I have high hopes for these chips. I just want to like one item from this box! Ok, I like these but I was hoping for less banana taste. I know Plantains are bananas but I was looking for more of a salty savory taste. When we were in St. Kitts we had the most perfect fresh plantain chips that weren’t very banana-y and they were perfect! My boyfriend on the other hand would like these chips to be more banana-y! We can never agree on stuff like this.


Natural Sins Crispy Fruit Chips $2.79

This is from Costa Rica. I love pineapple chips so I’m hoping, with this final product I will find a new discovery from this box! I do appreciate how there are only two ingredients; pineapple and raw cane sugar. I actually really like these. They are extremely thin sliced and crispy. They aren’t very sweet and I love it. Of course, my boyfriend is not a fan.


At of all honesty, I was not a fan of this box. I feel like the products were very obscure and not many people would like these items. Also, I don’t see the value for $19 each month. I’m sorry to compare, but if you’re going to spend $19 on a food box spend it on Degusta box which sends you 15+ products each month instead of 5 and you definitely get your value there. What did you think of this months box?


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