Chatterbox – Bush’s Sriracha Beans – Review – October 2016

Chatterbox is a program that is a part of House Party. These websites are like WOM advertising and have you throw parties to promote a product. The chatterbox program is more like bzzagent, in which they send you a product and you review it for your self or with a friend and you talk to other people about it and review it.

I was chosen for the Bush’s Sriracha Beans!

I have received all of this complimentary to try and review.


Bush’s Sriracha Beans

My boyfriend and I were both really excited to try these out. We like Bush’s beans and he’s a huge fan of sriracha, so we thought this would be a match made in limited edition heaven. Unfortunately, our dreams were not a reality. The beans were beyond spicy and did not taste very good. My boyfriend described it as ‘spicy tomato sauce with beans’.  I believe his statement is very accurate. We had a few bites and then had to dump it, we were not trilled with this limited edition flavor this time.


What do you think of the Bush’s Sriracha Beans Chatterbox? Will you be signing up for Houseparty/chatterbox?


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