Bootay Bag – Review – August 2016

Bootay Bag is a subscription box that sends out two pairs of underwear each month. The price is only $12 a month and free shipping and you can choose if you want only thongs, never thongs, or a mix. The sizes are small, medium, and large.


This box was sent for review purposes.

Pink Floral Lacey Boy Shorts 

I requested the size large, because I usually fit into an 8 or a 10 but these were just a little too snug. I really could never bring myself to wear boy shorts I have always just found them too uncomfortable. Unfortunately these were a miss for me because the fit and the fabric were too uncomfortable for me to actually wear.

Green and Pink Lacey Thong

I really like the style of this thong but the sizing is actually a little big on me. Its weird how the sizing is different for the underwear.  I’m more of a g-string kind of girl if I had to choose a thong, only because all that extra fabric is so uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this subscription is for me and I should stick with my bikini styled underwear from victoria secret. I think the styles are cute but I think I might be too picky and more into comfort than style when it comes to my underwear.  What do you think of Bootaybag?


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