Play! By Sephora – Review – August 2016

I have finally gotten off their waitlist and official able to subscribe, after waiting like 8 months. You will receive 5 deluxe samples and one fragrance bonus for $10. The Sephora Play! box also includes tips a tricks to teach you how to get the most out of these products and also gives you a free one-on-one tutorial in store meetings.




The bag this month is so cute!


Sephora Contour Eye Pencil in Love Affair $10

I’m so used to wearing neutrals so I’m really excited I was sent this gorgeous plum colored eyeliner. Its such a beautiful color that is the perfect transition piece from summer to fall. This eyeliner promises to last for 12 hours and also be waterproof. I actually really liked this color a lot more than I thought I would. It didn’t look insanely purple as I truly believed it would.


Algenist Eye Renewal Balm $65

Employees of Sephora absolutely love this brand. They always recommend this brand and they rave on about all of their skincare products. The scent of the cream is very soft and clean and very little is needed, about a pea size for both eyes. Right away I could feel my skin soften and looks brightened and more awake.


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara  $22

I’ve said it before but I will always say it again, I believe I have found my holy grail of mascara so I personally dislike trying new mascaras since I don’t think anything will ever compare to my favorite mascara. This mascara wasn’t as bad as I believed it would be. It was extremely lengthening and made my lashes look like I had extensions put in. Although I’m not ready to quit my favorite mascara forever, I will not mind reaching for this mascara in the future.


Lancome Énergie De Vie Moisturizer $55

I feel like this brand is for an older customer some one in their mid 40s. So when I think of makeup or skincare, Lancome is not a brand that comes to my 20 year old mind. I was extremely surprised that they named this product a moisturizer when its actually gel. I was extremely surprised that a thin clear gel substance came out of this bottle. However it did make my skin super soft but it is not a product that I feel like I have to rush out to purchase.


Makeup Forever Artist Shadow in Pink Granite $21

This color looks more of a plum purple and looks like it matches the gorgeous Sephora eyeliner that was also included in this box. This color is actually described as pink but I think the color is a great transition just like the eyeliner as well. This color is also great for hazel eyes it will really bring out the green in them. I really like how they paired the colors so well that you would be able to wear them together.  This color is my favorite find in the box this month, this color is very mauve-y. I don’t know if thats even a description but thats the first word/color that came to mind. Its absolutely stunning on and you get more of that deep blush pink and purple color when you apply it wet.

Clean Reserve in Warm Cotton $40

I have tried Clean fragrances before but I have not tried this scent before. This is the perfect summer scent, it smells like clean laundry. I like this scent more for a candle than a perfume but it reminds me of summer. Thick green grass on a partly cloudy sunny summer day laundry commercial scent. Its not a fragrance I would buy because even though I do enjoy the scent I don’t know why anyone would pay $40 for a fragrance that just smells like clean laundry.


I’m really happy with this Sephora Play! box. I go to try a lot of new beauty products and I really enjoyed this experience. I’m very excited for my September box and I can’t wait to see what will be in there! What did you think of this months Play! box?

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