Sprezzabox – Review – July 2016

Sprezzabox is a monthly subscription for men. You will receive 5-6 fashion, grooming, and practical products each month. Each month is $28 and free shipping.


This box was sent for review purposes.

FullSizeRender 2

I received The Amsterdam box!


Word. Polygon Notebook $4

These notebooks are usually sold in packs of threes. This notebook is very lightweight and great for jotting down things that have to get done. I really like how on the inside it gives you tips on how to take better notes and helps you keep track of tasks.

FullSizeRender 6

Classics Roller Pen $15

I can’t find this anywhere online. This pen looks a lot heavier than it actually is. I was surprised by how lightweight the pen turned out to be. My boyfriend is starting medical school on Monday and is really looking forward to packing this with him for classes. He says it writes effortlessly, which is something he really loves in pens.

FullSizeRender 5

Bryer Leather Bracelet $25

I really like how this bracelet was handmade in southern California. I like the idea of this bracelet but unfortunately, I personally do not feel like the bracelet is made with the ‘highest quality leather’. Every time I touch the bracelet I get brown stains and particle stuck to my fingers. This is definitely not a brand of leather I would purchase.

FullSizeRender 8

Weekend Casual Pocket Square $16

I couldn’t find this exact style on their website but they were all priced the same. I really love this pocket square, its pretty simple and can be paired easily with a blue dress shirt and navy suit. I don’t think this is a product my boyfriend would use but I’m sure my brother would love to try it out.

FullSizeRender 3

Brooklyn Wolf Tie $29

This design was not on their website, I’m thinking it is an Sprezzabox exclusive. I think it is such a great versatile tie. I love how effortlessly it can be paired up with any outfit. Also I love the texture of the linen tie. I can’t wait to dress my boyfriend up with this tie!

FullSizeRender 4

Sprezza Socks $12

I’m really not sure why I can’t find these socks on Sprezzas website. I think this might be our favorite product from the box. The socks are such a high quality and are so simple they can be paired with any dress outfit.

FullSizeRender 7

This box is $28 and I received $101 of wonderful additions to any mans collection. This box is such a nice treat for a father, brother, or boyfriend! Click here to spoil the men in your life!


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