Stella McCartney Stella Eau De Parfum – Product Review

Stella McCartney Stella Eau De Parfum $92

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I absolutely love the packaging of this bottle. I think it looks edgy and dark but also very chic and sophisticated.  With just one spritz the perfume smells very strong and thick, more like a winter perfume but then it also has a floral scent to it which makes me think of spring. I think it might be a good transition perfume for right now in New York. The weather here is constantly switching between winter days and warmer days of hopes of spring.

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I wore this perfume to work yesterday and at first it was very strong but then about 2 hours later nobody could even smell it. Plus, I didn’t receive any compliments on the perfume, which to me is a big sign. It started out like “what perfume are you wearing” and then went to “oh”. So I do not see myself wearing this perfume in the future.

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