Treatsie Sweets Subscription – Review – December 2015

Treatsie Sweets Subscription Box only $15 / month + $4.95 Shipping & Handling. Each box includes amazing artisan sweets from 3 – 4 small, independent vendors, which change every month, and has a retail value of $20 – $25 before shipping. This is a monthly subscription and you can cancel anytime.

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Brandy Spiked Eggnog Artisanal Popcorn

I hate getting popcorn in subscription boxes. I despise popcorn and this one had such a bad taste to it. It tasted dirty and terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I love eggnog and because  this popcorn was called spiked eggnog I thought I might even like it. But I truly don’t, I literally just threw out the whole bag.

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Avenue Sweets Caramel Assortment

I really like these caramels they are like the perfect consistency of a caramel and what you would expect – chewing wise. My only note is that they taste a little bit waxy after a while.

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Malvi Marshmallow in Red Velvet

I have tried another marshmallow combination from Malvi from treatise before. In this same year. So honestly I’m not too happy about the repeat in products. Plus I’m not a big red velvet person nor a marshmallow person. So I’m overall unhappy with this product.


Chuao Chocolate Mini Bar Assortment

I love this brand of chocolate so I’m always happy to find them in treatsie. I’m excited as well because these are new flavors that I haven’t tried before and I’m very excited to try them out!

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I payed $20 and I stopped keeping track of how much they send out because they are very sneaky with their “pricing”. I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to continue to subscribe to Treatsie, Maybe until February and that will end my subscription with them. What did you think of this months box?

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