Urthbox Classic Box – Review – August 2015

Urthbox is a Subscription box that delivers monthly healthy FULL SIZE treats! YES FINALLY! I hate paying for samples, samples should be free. They have four different boxes you can sign up for: Vegan, Gluten Free, Diet (healthy snacks to help you lose weight), and Classic (which is just healthy snacks). The box is the medium box which is $29.00 a month for 12-15 FULL SIZED PRODUCTS!




Tutti Gourmet Bana Krisp in Pistachio & Anise $4.95

They are banana and pistachio wheat thins basically. These are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free…basically anything that would make these taste good, they don’t have it. These are actually really disgusting. I don’t recommend it at all.


Icebox Water $.50

Premium Canadian Spring Water, I’m bringing this water to work today. I love the idea of box water, I just think the whole packaging of it is pretty cool.


Frontier Bites $1

I’m sending this to my sister as well. This is a good snack to have in between classes, something quick and on the go.  This is gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and gmo free.


Good Kid Apple Cinnamon Bar $1.30

Only a 160 calories and made with organic fruit with all natural ingredients. Its so delicious and taste like oatmeal in a bar thats perfect for on the go.


Gorilly Goods $2

On the package it says raw fruit and nut things on the bag and thats the perfect description. its delicious though i love the taste of the banana with the walnuts.


Poplets sea salt & butter $1.50

I’m not a fan of popcorn so I’ll be passing these along.


Mama Chia $1.50

I’m really excited that I got this! I’ve been wanting to try this for so long now, so I’m really happy that I will get to try this now! If I like it I definitely want to try out the strawberry banana.


Make Good Chocolate Banana Granola Minis $1


Raw Crunch Bar $2.50

These get 4.5 stars on their website! Everybody raves about the taste and the nutritional value.


Knickers All Natural Powdered Fruit Blends $.99 each

They say to add this to smoothies and pancakes or even on a bagel.


BOPS Sour Cream & Onion Chips $1

I love these chips so I’m excited to get to try them again!


Bar Nana $4

I was not expecting them to be little brown mushy squares but they are super delicious, I mostly taste banana though. So i only recommend them if you really like banana.


Snicker Dude Cookies $2.50


You Love Fruit $1

This looks amazing and I wish I could try it but I’m allergic to Mangoes!


So I payed $25 and received $26.75 of deliciously healthy food! I’m extremely disappointed that I’ve received sample sizes when they clearly state on their website that everything in these boxes will be full sized items. I will be emailing them and I will let you know how they handle the situation. What did you think of this months Urthbox?


2 thoughts on “Urthbox Classic Box – Review – August 2015

  1. I agree the Anise and Pistachio cracker things are not very tasty. Maybe cuz the star anise flavor stuck out too much for me. But if for the star anise lovers they’lll love it! Its disappointing for me because i loved the mango fruit leather. I tried to order online from their website, and its only being sold on amazon. But that seller doesn’t ship to canada 😦

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