Seventeen Magazine Contest – June/ July2015

Seventeen daily contest are unfortunately no more! WHAT?! Yeah, I know I can’t believe it either. It seems like online magazine contest seem to be getting smaller and smaller. I have not won anything in over a year, when I used to win something every month! Remember Only one person per household can enter otherwise you will be disqualified. Good Luck to all that enter, and let us know if you win!

Open till – July 6 2015

5 Winners – Seventeen Fashion



Retail $19 at Sears


Retail $8 at Sears


Retail $20 at Sears


10 Winners – Coco Loves Rome



Retail $14 at Coco Loves Rome


25 Winners – Zoya



Retail $29 at Zoya


10 Winners – Keely Smith Designs



Retail $49 at Keely Smith


1 Winner – 1 year supply of Breyers ice cream


breyers grasshopper pie ice cream container

Retail $5 each


51 people will win for the WHOLE month! I can not even believe that they changed their daily contest to just monthly contest! What do you guys think about this?!

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  1. I’ll be sad to see it go. I’ve only won once (nail polish). Thanks so much for putting the code word up for so long. I’ve really appreciated it. For a very long time it was hard to find a reliable, consistent site to find the code. THANKS AGAIN!!! 🙂

    1. You’re lucky! I don’t think I have ever won from seventeen. But we do have monthly contest for seventeen, lucky mag, and also….we have the hourly freebies in august from Allure!

  2. The items you list above with a code for Seventeen………..where are they on Seventeen’s site? Haven’t found it, the Zoya, etc. etc.. Can you post a link to each one? Sorry to see them go too. Haven’t won either for over a year. Lots of these contests are going away, and nothing much is replacing them. Either the companies don’t want to be bothered, or they’re too cheap, or business is bad.

  3. ooh so dissapointed, I’ve won from them a lot actually, like the grand prize one month Nyx Products, that was awesome. Super duper sad to see them reduce it, main reason I get the magazine to be honest.

  4. I’ve won a few things over the past years. I think I’ve gotten about six prizes? I’m very upset that they’re changing it so extremely now.. daily to monthly? Not even weekly? Geez.

  5. Sometimes they have daily contests and sometimes they do not..just bc they don’t have them this month doesn’t mean they got rid of them for good (let’s hope). PS the codes for the ice cream and the bracelet didn’t work 🙁

  6. Please keep posting the Seventeen codes! There are still a ton of sweepstakes on the Freebies page. I’m not sure what the “daily” ones were that they supposedly aren’t doing anymore, but there are still a lot of monthly ones.