Orange Glad- Sweet Box – Review & Coupon – April 2015

Orange Glad Sweet Box is a subscription box that sends you 5 deluxe gourmet desserts to your door every month for $21.95 including shipping each month. Now through 5/2, use code mothersday40s to save 40% off any Orange Glad subscription! (This brings the cost of a 6-month subscription down to $11.97 a box!) Also if you want to use my referral code it is: kirbyog33687 I would greatly appreciate it.




Simply Good Chocolate Chip Cookie Biscuit $1

I don’t know why but it really bothers me how its crumbled. I’m sure they don’t send it out like this but I just wish they could prevent it. Its a nice mix between shortbread cookie and a chocolate chip cookie.  It looks like they are only available in Canada currently.


Original Brownie by Fairytale Brownies $2.66

I’m not sure what happened with this picture. I think the foil on the packaging reacted with the lights to make it a darker picture.   This brownie is so dense, but light. and so dry on the outside, but so moist on the inside!  It truly is a fairytale brownie! Wow, I can’t believe its $31 for a pack of 12! Thats crazy, and they are currently only available for purchase online!


Almond Toffee by “Toffee Talk” $6

I’m usually a huge fan of any toffee, but for some reason I wasn’t crazy about this one. Maybe its because they added whole almonds instead of crushing them up. That was a little too much almond for a bite sized toffee piece. This is also only available online.


Hot Cocoa Cookies by Zesty Cookie Co. $2.33

These cookies are extremely dry, and literally burn your mouth. Like i was thinking hot cocoa as in a mug of hot chocolate. But apparently they meant hot pepper with some chocolate on the side. This is the kind of thing I would give to some one on april fools day and watch them eat this in pain as I laugh. Never Ever Ever trying these again!


Dreams Come Chew by Quin $2.75

Orange Glad must have some kind of connection with Quin because they also added their lollipops in there box last month.  I would have preferred to try out a different brand. The chew candy was good, I’m trying to figure out what it is similar to, maybe like a super soft now and later.


This box was terrible for me. It felt like everything was just made in there house and they threw it all in a box. There was nothing in this box that felt gourmet to me. I have already cancelled my subscription. They have a terrible curation and they were just a huge disappointment for me. What did you think of this months box?


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