House Party – Cinderella – Review – March 2015

House party is a website that is a WOM advertising and have you throw parties to promote a product. House party has several different house parties going on that you can apply to which ever ones you feel like you have most interest in. They will let you know in several weeks if you have been accepted or not to throw the party. Once you have been accepted to host a party they will send you everything you need to throw the party and make it a memorable experience. They also send you fun suggestions on what topics to talk about, what food to make, and what games you can play.

I was chosen for the Cinderella Movie House Party!

I have received all of this complimentary from house party/cinderella to try and review.


This is my second party pack and they always arrive in these huge boxes with this fun whimsical tape! I love it, I can spot the mailman carrying it from a mile away.


As soon as I opened it I saw all the goodies they sent me to throw this wonderful party for the Cinderella premier.


The first item I pulled out were the Cinderella wrap bracelets. They look like this:


Very uncomfortable, but super cute. They say “Cinderella * March 13,2015”, This bracelet wrapped around my wrist 5 times!


I’ve also received around 20 of these double sided posters. One side with the stepmother and the stepsisters and the other side with Cinderella.


I’ve received around 20 of these Cinderella glass slipper temporary tattoos.


They also sent me about 30 pages of decorations to set up around the party and suggestions on what games to play and what food to make that would go great with the theme of the party.


I received this beautiful compact mirror.


I got these double sided Cinderella nail filers.


I received the DVD with exclusive trailers and feauturettes about the upcoming movie.


I also got two collections of the Cinderella nail polish by Morgan Taylor that has been featured about three times in every magazine you look at.


Last but not least I received this beautiful huge makeup bag, that ever so faintly says Cinderella on it. It comes with a cross body strap as well.

We were also given four tickets to an advanced screening of the movie. I got to see the movie on the 10th of march. If you have not seen the movie yet, it is absolutely magical. I’m 22 years old and I’m a sucker for anything disney, and this movie was beautifully done. It is perfect for people of all ages. I love how elegantly they handled the death scenes so it was appropriate for young children. The movie was wonderfully casted and I would honestly see it again.

Watch the trailer here

All in all I think this was a great party pack, I was unfortunately unable to host my party this time around due to family, friends. and I not being able to have a weekend that we were all available to get together.

What did you think of this party pack? Did you see Cinderella yet?


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