Chatterbox – Rosatello Wine – Review – February 2015

Chatterbox is a program that is a part of House Party. These websites are like WOM advertising and have you throw parties to promote a product. The chatterbox program is more like bzzagent, in which they send you a product and you review it for your self or with a friend and you talk to other people about it and review it.

I’m very excited because this is my first time ever being accepted to a chatterbox!

I was chosen for the Rosatello Wine!

I have received all of this complimentary from house party/chatterbox/rosatellowine to try and review.

The chatterbox come in this normal box with some very whimsical tape, which was easy to spot!


Inside was a waiver, because this chatterbox was all about alcohol, so they wanted to make sure that it was only served to people 21 and over. you have to have everyone that tried it sign it and fax it to house party. And also a description of what they are sending you and some suggestions on how to enjoy the wine.


They included some compact mirrors – I’m not sure why, they didn’t explain what they were for, but now I have some!


I also received two Govino wine glasses. I have received these before from a pop sugar box once, but now I have them with ‘ROSATELLO‘ on it.


Just a better view of the glass.


I’ve also received two $2 rebates for the wine and also a $15 visa gift card to purchase the wine since they can not legally ship the wine.


These are ‘tasting notes’ but I think I’ll use them as a coaster while I drink my Rosatello wine! The Sparkling Rosé says “make a brilliant pink statement wight the taste of sparkling wild strawberries and sweet ripe cherries”.


There are four choices to choose from: White wine, Red wine, Rosé, and Sparkling Rosé. I’m getting a sparkling rosé and a red wine. I’m so excited to go pick these up and try them out on valentines day! What do you think of the Rosatello Wine Chatterbox? Will you be signing up for Houseparty/chatterbox?


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