CrowdTap – Review – Sweet n Low – January 2015

CrowdTap is another website that is WOMM (Word Of Mouth Marketing). You just log on to their website and click on the brand you want to participate with and answer a few questions about the brand and your opinion towards the brand and things that they have done or might do in the future. If you are lucky they might even choose you to try out their products! You can also win gift cards from answering all their questions (I have already won $15 to amazon!)

I have been selected to try Sweet n Low packets!


I also received this super adorable tote bag! It has a octopus holding a sweet n low packet and some milk and a mug! So cute! Perfect for groceries!


I also received recipe cards to make: Lighter Pumpkin Latte, Thin-Minty Mochaccino, Spicey-So-Nicey Chocolate Coffee, and Enlightened Vanilla Chai Latte. Vanilla chai lattes have been my new obsession, so I think that will be my first one to make, and its only 40 calories!!


I got 16 packets of individually wrapped packets of two packets of sweet n low! So, 32 in all. A lot of sharing can be made with these packets! I love sweet n low and I’m sure everyone has had them before, they are the first packet I grab when I need to sweeten any beverage. I honestly never noticed that they were 0 calories before, So that just made my favorite sweetener a whole lot better!


I want to remind everyone that I have gotten all of this complimentary of Crowd Tap and Sweet n Low, for the soul purpose of reviewing purposes! If you want to start getting some really awesome stuff from crowd tap, sign up now!

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