FabFitFun Fall Box – Review & Coupons – October 2014

FabFitFun is very similar to Popsugar Must have. They send you the best of each months in fashion, beauty, fitness, food, and home. They only have a few differences. They are a quarterly box, which means that they only ship four times a year, for each season.Also they are $50 instead of Popsugar being $40. Everything is Full sized.

image 8


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CHI 44 Iron Guard $15  I do not use a flat iron because my hair is naturally straight, but I do blow dry my hair. I read in the reviews that some people still use this to protect their hair from the heat of the blow dryer also. It got a lot of mixed reviews on ulta. Many people said that it left their hair flat and feeling dirty with lots of buildup. And other said that it was great to use especially if you have the CHI flat iron. I got my sister the CHI flat iron one year for christmas so I will be passing this along to her. If you wan to try this product out at a discounted price checkout eBay

image 10

Great Soles Ballet Barre Socks $13 These socks came in pink for breast cancer awareness. I do go to Pilates twice a week, but I’m still not sure if I would wear these are not because they kind of look like something a 5 year old would wear. The reviews are saying that they are great for yoga and pilates though because you do not slip all over the mat, like you would with regular socks. They also rave about how comfortable they are. I think my main issue is that they are so pink. If you are very active on the mat and do not have a pair of these and want to try them out for less, check out eBay.

image 13

Beauty For Real True Color Lip Cream $22 This is a really creamy lip gloss and it looks dark but it is a very natural looking color when on. It has a built in LED light with a mirror on the side to perfect your lips and get the best lighting.  This is the coolest lip gloss I have ever seen. If you missed out check out eBay!

image 12

FitFusion 3 months free $30 value. You get unlimited workouts from top fitness experts and 150+ hours and 264 videos of streaming fitness dvds. signup requires a credit card and you can cancel anytime! You can find one on eBay!

image 3

Mary’s Gone Crackers in Chipotle tomato pretzels $1? These are organic, gluten free, non-gmo, soy free, and vegan. I was pretty skeptical because of the way they look. They do not look or feel like normal pretzels but they are actually really good. Very spicy, but good. They also have everything and sea salt. I would have preferred to try something more in that area. I’m not good with spice. The shoe bag is only 90 calories which is surprising to me because its a nice sized bag.

image 4

La Natura Travel Size Body Butter $18 This is all natural, anti aging, soothing, nourishing, and 100% pure vegan! It doesn’t smell like pomegranates, it smells more like cherries or strawberries. You can find this on eBay for less.


Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster $56 This is gets AMAZING reviews on ultra. Everyone says that its great for dry skin and for winter. Which is why I’m sure Fabfitfun included it in this quarters box. I have borderline oily skin so I’m not sure if this is the product for me. I might hold on to it and see how this winter turns out and if I need it or not. If you need one, get one for less from eBay.

image 14

Jessie Steele Apron $29.99 I am OBSESSED with this apron. I love to cook and bake and sure I have a lot of aprons and I don’t need anymore, but this one is so 50s to me and I swear I was supposed to be a 50s housewife with a pie made for my husband every night. I wished they added some little baking accessory with it to get us into holiday baking. If you missed out on these super cute aprons check out eBay for more! ALSO: 25% off  use coupon LUVFFF25 at Jessiesteele.com

image 11

Gramr Gratitude Co. Thank You Card Set with Sealing wax and press $43 I thought this was the coolest thing. apparently this is a subscription box, They send you 4 cards, envelopes, stamps, wax and the stamp press to send Thank You Cards. I love this idea. The first month is 50% off use coupon FAB50.

 image 2

Numi Organic Tea $.50 in Aged Earl Grey. If I’m not drinking water I’m drinking tea so I’m always happy to get more tea bags! I love love love black tea and this is supposed to be a black tea but it was a lot lighter than there normal black tea that I drink. Also has a  fruity flavor and smell to it.

image 7

The Honest Company Hydrating Shea Butter Cleansing Bar $4.95 I love the smell of this bar soap, but I don’t really use bar soap because of how it makes me feel waxy afterwards. But they all remark at how it does not make your feel waxy or grimy like most bar soaps do. I might have to hold on to this one mainly because I just LOVE the smell! Use Coupon: HONESTLYFAB to get 25% off your first order. Find soaps for less at eBay.

image 6

I’m extremely impressed with this month. Maybe because my favorite season is Fall so I just overall love this box. I payed $40 for this box and got a total of $233.44 of fun fall items that I will most likely use or pass on to someone else that will! I’ve never been excited for another FabFit Fun box but I am for December!  What did you think of FABFITFUN this quarter?


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