Escape Monthly Subscription Box – Review & $10 OFF Coupon – August 2014

Escape Monthly is a subscription box that send you luxury travel items from all over the world!

This month was PARIS!

The box is $45 a month. One of the subscribers will win a trip to the destination of the box’s current themed location! So, Good Luck! Remember to use YOURESCAPE to save $10 off you subscription each month!

image 4



Les Anis de Flavigny Lemon Candies $5 I love the packaging of this lemon candy, and I’m fine with the lemon flavor but I really wish I got the rose one instead. I love the candies, they are like little pearls, I thought they were more of a mint but they are just a sucking candy and they are only 5 calories.

image 2

Bonne Marie StrawberryPreserves $3  I love jams and jellys! I prefer raspberry, but strawberry is fine. Getting one straight from france is pretty cool, even though it is the smallest size ever.

 image 9

Pierre Biscuiterie Butter Cookies $4.25 WOW! These are delicious and taste like christmas! I’m not surprised at all that it has 5 stars on amazon. They are soooo buttery and perfect. They are called “butter cookies” but I’m pretty sure they are shortbread. 5 cookies are only 150 calories, honestly thats not bad, I thought it would have been a lot worse than that!

image 7

Institut Karite Creme Mains Ultra Riche $23 I’m so upset! I really wanted the rose one! I’m so upset that I got the boring one! It has no design at all! UGH I’m so mad! But, it has 5 stars on amazon, and they say that is extremely hydrating with out being greasy, so I might give this  a try.

 image 10

Rick Steves Pocket Paris $12.99 I usually hate these books but since I’m most likely going back to paris in a fews I will be holding onto this one. If you are also planning your trip to paris you can find these on eBay for less.

image 6

Edmond Fallot Dijon Mustard $5 I’m not a fan of any kind of mustard, but this mustard has a five star rating on amazon. Everyone on amazon raves about this mustard and say that it is a hidden gem of paris! I will be passing this off to a family member that loves mustard.

image 8

Nuxe Fondant Body Scrub $10? + Nuxe Fondant Shower Gel $8? I could not find the travel sizes anywhere so I’m guessing on their prices. I’m usually really not impressed with trail sizes and wasn’t expecting much from this one, mostly because of the packaging. But this one impressed me I love the scent and the texture, it is very high quality. I will eagerly anticipate using this on my next vacation!

image 5

This box cost $49 a month and I have received $71.24 of some really amazing travel items from Paris! This box didn’t really make me feel like it was about paris though. I was expecting macaroons and a Eiffel tower keychain!

Next Month is Puerto Rico! It will be shipping September 16!

What did you think of this months box? Will you be signing up for the Puerto Rico box? I have discontinued my box for now, let me know if you think I should reconsider and subscribe to them again.


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