Seventeen Magazine Contest March / April 2018

Remember Only one person per household can enter otherwise you will be disqualified. Good Luck to all that enter, and let us know if you win!

Open till- April 23, 2018



Retail $168

1 Winner will get of earrings from The Circular Collection by Bayou with Love and Dell



Retail $51

5 Winners will get a Midnight Raglan Top by Rumi X



Retail $89

5 Winners will get a comfy Support Pillow from Yogibo



Only 16 winners this month! Good luck! Please let us know if you have won!

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Rachel Zoe Box Of Style Spring 2018 Available + Spoilers + Coupons!

Rachel Zoe Box of Style is $100 and has over a $300 value. It ships out 4 times a year, I like to think of it as each season. Each box will feature Rachel Zoes favorite in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I have to admit – this is one of my favorite subscription boxes. Use this link to save $10 off your first box!


Use code: BOSPALM10 to receive $10 off a subscription


Use Code: BOS20 for $20 off an annual subscription


Use Code: LSTN at check out and receive Lstn Sound Co. wireless earbuds, valued at $130

Click CONTINUE READING to see list of spoilers for Spring 2018

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Popsugar Must Have Review – Limited Edition – Resort Box – 2017

Popsugar Must Have Box is a subscription box that is designed to give you the ‘Must Haves’ of the month. The Must Haves in beauty, fitness, food, fashion, and home. Popsugar Must Have Box is $39.95 monthly, $109.85 for 3 months, $214.70 for 6 months, or $429.50 for a yearly subscription. BUT, this is a Special edition box which was here for limited time! It is the Resort box which sends you LUXURY items and because it sends you luxury items the price is also higher than the traditional monthly box. The price to indulge in these luxury goodies is $100.

FullSizeRender 8

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style – Subscription Box – Review & Coupon – Spring 2016

Rachel Zoe Box of Style is $100 and has over a $300 value. It ships out 4 times a year, I like to think of it as each season. Each box will feature Rachel Zoes favorite in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I have to admit – this is my favorite subscription box – I actually love it more than Popsugar.



FullSizeRender 9

La Mer The Concentrate ≠$57

This is a special extra this quarter. I knew La Mer was expensive but I had no Idea that the full sized bottle of this was $440. This serum rounds up to be around $57 for .17 ounces. Thats insane to me, I could never imagine spending that money on a face serum for only 1.7 oz! You can find it for less on eBay.

FullSizeRender 2

LSTN Sound Co. Wembley Earbuds $100

I love receiving stuff like this and I really like the bamboo on the headphones. Something about bamboo really makes me think of spring, its just such a refreshing looking wood. They also have a microphone and volume control which is such a great luxury to have with headphones! I also really like how proceeds from each pair of headphones sold go to helping provide hearing aids people in need of them. I like knowing that this product is not only really chic but also helping a great cause. You can find these for less on eBay as well.

Use Code: LSTNZOE20 to save 20% off all orders

*valid until march 31st*

FullSizeRender 4

Jouer Créme Eyeshadow Crayon $24

I’ve been wanting to try an eyeshadow crayon for so long now but I just didn’t know which one to buy, so I’m glad this one has fallen into my hands to finally test out! There were 8 options of crayon for me to receive, I got Baroque. Which is a nice color but I wish I received a lighter color like serene. It goes on super easy and actually looks super good. I was afraid I wouldn’t have like the correct technique to use this but I literally just swiped it across my eyelid a few times and it looks really good and not messy at all. I’m going on vacation really soon and I’m excited I got this because I’m 100% packing it! Its also waterproof so I can wear this in the pool and at the beach as well which I’m trilled about! I can’t tell you how overall impressed I am with this eyeshadow crayon. I may have to go back and get the lighter one as well. You can also find them on eBay.

Use Code: ZOEJOUER to save 20% off your order

*Valid Until April 1st*

FullSizeRender 7

Shaffer LA Leather Bucket Bag $150

These bucket bags have been making such a big statement this year. They were really huge for fall and I know that this is going to be such a staple for spring! The color is such a gorgeous caramel color that will go with everything and the leather is really top of the line! You can get this on eBay for such a STEAL!


*Valid Until June 30th*

FullSizeRender 8

Jules Smith Pavé Bar and Stone Cuff $45

This bracelet is a lot lighter than I thought it was going to be. I really like this bracelet, I feel like the style of it has becoming extremely popular lately. It came in gold or silver, I usually prefer silver but I’m happy I got the gold because I like the way it looks with the stone. This bracelet is also adjustable. You can find this for way less on eBay.

USE CODE: ZOEJULES30 to save 30% off all orders

*Valid until April 1st*

FullSizeRender 3Hollywood Fashion Secrets Oil Blotting Tissues $7

I have so many oil blotting papers but its always good to have more of them. I like to have these papers in each of my bags. I will just add these to one of my newer bags that I just got this year. You can find these on eBay.

USE CODE: ZOE15 to save 15% off

*Valid until April 15th*

FullSizeRender 6

Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk $20

I don’t use dry shampoo because I have the problem of needing to wash my hair everyday. This is a product of France and is great for people with an on the go lifestyle. You can find this on eBay for less.

USE CODE: ZOEKLORANE to save 20% off your order.

FullSizeRender 5

I’ve payed $100 for the box and received $403 in great fashion items! I wasn’t as thrilled with this box as I hoped I would be. What did you think of this seasons box from Box of Style. Sign up here to get in on the Summer box! The summer box will be shipping mid June. Using this link will save you $10 off your first box!

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Popsugar Must Have – Review & Coupon – April 2015

I have to say that Popsugar Must Have Box is my favorite subscription box. The boxes are designed to give you the ‘Must Haves’ of the month. The Must Haves in beauty, fashion, fitness, food, and home. Popsugar Must Have Box is $39.95 monthly, $109.85 for 3 months, $214.70 for 6 months, or $429.50 for a yearly subscription. Click here to sign up for you first box & use MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your subscription.




Garden In A Bag Organic Basil $10

I think this is such a cool item to receive in a spring box! Instead of them including a snack item, we get to plant a Basil plant. It has nine steps, but it isn’t difficult steps to follow. They are pretty straight forward and easy to follow. I think pop sugar knows that everyone is trying to get ready for summer so they added a guilt free “food” item. I love how they changed it up this month! You can find this on eBay, if you missed out!


Flip + Tumble Reusable Bag $12

I have more than enough of these bags, thanks to pop sugar of course. So I wasn’t thrilled to see another one of these, but they do always come in handy. I actually just discovered two of them in the back of my closet that I haven’t even used yet. But I do like how this bag has an spandex part attached to it so it is easy to roll up and it won’t get lost. It also holds up to 35 lbs! You can find this on eBay for less!


Prouduce Candles in Rhubarb $20

I always love getting candles, especially when they look as adorable as this one! It has the greatest fruity, fresh, spring smell to it and I seriously can not get over this packaging. It really is the icing on the cake of this whole product. I love that when I’m done with this candle I can reuse the jar to hold my makeup brushes! You can find yours for less on eBay!


Dabney Lee Umbrella $20

I really truly love everything about this umbrella, I love how its such a classic and how it feels preppy to me also. I’m really impressed by it because it is an automatic umbrella, i had no idea they even made those. This umbrella is so nice I would have not second guessed them if they said it was $50! I’m so conflicted though because my boyfriend just bought me the Burberry Umbrella for christmas! I guess its not a bad thing to have two umbrellas?! If you need an umbrella, I would pick this one up ASAP! you can find it for less on eBay!


One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea AntiOxidant Body Serum $39

Okay, first off, LOVE the packaging. Secondly, Love gardenia and tea. Why am I so nervous to try this product?! I have combination skin, but its very easily persuaded to be oily, if i use oil based products…makes sense. It almost feels like I’m putting on tanning oil, but it absorbs much faster and smells amazing. It is not sticky and leaves you instantly hydrated. I’m shocked how well my body reacted to this serum and I’m extremely happy about this serum! Hurry up and find yours on eBay!


MOTT 50 $25 Gift Card $25

They have some really interesting stuff on their website. I think I would be more interested in their brand if I were one of those girls that got burned easily. Because I have more of an olive complexion, thanks to being Italian, I thankfully do not have to stress over getting burnt. If you are one of those people, I would check out their website and maybe even stock up on a few of these gift cards on eBay, they are going for really cheap!


I payed $40 and received $101.00, $32.68 less than last month. I’m indifferent about this box. I can’t decide if I liked it or if it was just alright. I really enjoyed the theme of this box. If you missed out on this box completely and want to buy it, you can get the whole box on eBay.Click here to sign up to get your next box!

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