Why I Have A LOVE / HATE Relationship With Popsugar Must Have

I have subscribed to Popsugar Must Have boxes since the second box that has ever came out in August 2012. I have been subscribed since that day and have received every single month, limited edition, and neiman marcus box that has come out. I would definitely say that I am one of their most loyal customers.

Popsugar has forgotten things in my boxes, forgotten to update my tracking, and have forgotten to mail out my box all together. Because of my loyalty status you think things like this would have not happened after 6+ years. Instead, it has definitely gotten worse because of their down spiraling customer service attitude.

Popsugars Customer Service has THE WORST customer service I have personally ever encountered. They are unapologetic, rude, and uninterested in any problems customers come across with their boxes. Every time I have reached out to them they take too long to respond, talk down to me, or dance around the problem that never gets resolved.

I have wrote an email to Lisa Sugar the CEO of Popsugar about my most recent problem of my December 2017 box, how they forgot to mail it out and that I received the box on Christmas Eve when I should have received it weeks earlier. The box had seasonal items that I really would have liked to have used before the holiday. I told them how I have been subscribed to them for so long and I think this behavior that is constantly reoccurring is unacceptable. I never got a response.

I still subscribe to Popsugar Must Have Subscription Box because I genuinely love the boxes and items inside the boxes. I just wish that Popsugar would reciprocate their love and appreciation for me! I really don’t think it is that much to ask for of a brand to have respect for such a loyal customer! In conclusion, I definitely feel like this is a subscribe at your own risk subscription box. Don’t expect to be treated warmly or with any ounce of respect. Popsugar just wants your money and they are not interested in giving you anything more than the product….that may or may not show up.

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