Popsugar Must Have Box – Special Edition – Summer Box!

Popsugar Must Have Box is a subscription box that is designed to give you the ‘Must Haves’ of the month. The Must Haves in beauty, fitness, food, fashion, and home. Popsugar Must Have Box is $39.95 monthly, $109.85 for 3 months, $214.70 for 6 months, or $429.50 for a yearly subscription.  Check out my review for the traditional style box here.


BUT, this is a Special edition box which is here for limited time! It is the summer box which sends you LUXURY items and because it sends you luxury items the price is also higher than the traditional monthly box. The price to indulge in these luxury goodies is $100. They don’t really tell you much more about the box than that but usually they come out with a spoiler in a few weeks to help you decide. This box ships on June 7th! Unfortunately, I will be on vacation that week, so I won’t get my hands on it till Fathers Day!

So are you gonna pick up The Must Have Summer Box before its too late? I definitely am!

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Popsugar Must Have Box Review May 2014

I have to say that Popsugar Must Have Box is my favorite subscription box. The boxes are designed to give you the ‘Must Haves’ of the month. The Must Haves in beauty, fitness, food, and home. Popsugar  Must Have Box is $39.95 monthly, $109.85 for 3 months,  $214.70 for 6 months, or $429.50 for a yearly subscription. Click here to sign up for you first box and save $10 with coupon MODNIQUE.

Popsugar Must Have Box arrives in a white and pink box.


This is what you would see as soon as you open the box.


Popsugar sends you a booklet to let you know more about the product and why the picked them.


This is the first look into the box unveiled.


MUST HAVE BEAUTY: The first item I pulled out was this perfume by Smell Bent in St. Tropez $45. I love the smell of this perfume it literally smells like the beach. and it is the perfect aroma to get me into the summer mood now that school is officially over!


MUST HAVE HOME: I’m actually a person that uses these masks, being a college student I tend to go to bed when the sun is waking up. So, I was excited to see this eye mask by Kerry Cassil $24.


MUST HAVE BEAUTY: The next item was this nail polish by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Pool Boy  $10. They just launched for Sephora! but so far they are only online.


MUST HAVE FITNESS: This next item is a workout video by Tone It Up $15. I was so excited to see this video! summer is here and I need to get my summer body on! they have two workouts on the dvd and each one is 30 mins long. I can’t wait to try it out and if i really like it, I’m thinking about getting their Beach Babe DVD!


MUST HAVE FOOD: The food item this month was Hi I’m Skinny Sticks in Multi-Grain Sweet Onion $4. They are literally delicious. 34 sticks is 120 calories! They are so addicting and they WILL be my snack of the summer! I need to stock up NOW! Hi I’m Skinny has 5 different flavors and they are in Walmart and Wild By Nature! I’m sold!


MUST HAVE HOME: The last item of the box was this water bottle by Zing Anything Citrus Zinger  $16.99. So cool I never saw a water bottle like this and i’m so excited to own one. I usually buy water bottles that are already flavored, but now I can do it myself! IMG_6136

I paid $39.95 for this box and received $115 in these products! Popsugar Must Have Box May 2014 was a great box! What did you think about this months box? If you missed out on this box and really wanted something from it, your best chances would be on ebay.com to find a good price!

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Seventeen Magazine Daily Contest May 19th – May 25 Codes

May 19th                                May 20th                             May 21st

Dunnas – 5 winners         Wildfox – 10 winners          Kohls – 5 winners

ZEBRA                            GOLDIE                       FLOWER


May 22nd                                    May 23rd                             May 24th

Warehouse- 5 winners        Forever21 – 5 winners          Modcloth – 5 winners

ANIMAL                              FLIRTY                            MOD


May 25th

Aerie – 5 winners





Good Luck! i’m excited for the bathing suit on the 25th! Which bathing suits are you excited for?

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The Taste Trunk 'Sweets' May 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

This is my first Taste Trunk Subscription Box. This review is for the May 2014 box for the “sweets” premium tasting box. They have four themed boxes: Gourmet, Sweets, BBQ, and Health. They have six subscriptions to sign up for: Monthly for $23.99, Premium Monthly for $28.99, One Time Box $55.00, Three Month $99.00, Six Month $195.00, and One Year $364.00. Go to www.tastetrunk.com to get your personalized 40% off coupon off your first box.

The box arrived in a priority shipping box.


Inside was the Taste Trunk Box.


First look inside box.


A newspaper envelope


Inside the newspaper envelope were individual cards about each item in the box explaining what each item is and its background.


This is first glance at the box unveiled!


The first thing I took out of this box was. Le Caramel Chocolate Caramels $6.25 .  These chocolate caramels are absolutely delicious! They taste like brownie batter in little cubes!


The next item that caught my eye was this chocolate bar by Two Snooty Chefs Chocolate and Gourmet Spice $3.25 Unfortunately for me the spice with this chocolate bar did not mix for me. It made me feel like I was eating BBQ chocolate, so this was not a hit for me. IMG_3796

The next item were these cookies by Carols Cookies, $5.00 each? on their website they do not sell individual cookies so I do not know how much each one is. but these cookies are handmade and all natural. They weigh 1/2 a pound each! i have received Toffee Crunch and Peanut Butter Chocolate. I tried a piece of the Toffee Crunch and it was heavenly, the Peanut Butter Chocolate one was good too, i’m just not a huge fan of Peanut butter. These cookies are definitely delicious and you can absolutely taste the freshness. They also have a cookie of the month club!


The Last Items were Torie &Howard Organic Hard Candy $4.99 EachThese candies are gluten free, wheat free, casein free, soy free, dairy free, have no artificial dyes, no nuts, no GMOs, and no corn syrup. I have received D’anjou Pear & Cinnamon and Blood Orange & Honey. They are only 12 calories each! The pear and cinnamon was very good, it had flavors of breakfast, but i enjoyed it. The Blood Orange & Honey was more of what i was expecting from this candy. It was much more fruitier and a little sour. It tasted more like Candy then a breakfast.


I paid $28.99 for this box and have received $27.50, It was fun to experience new foods but I don’t think I will be ordering another box unless if i have a coupon. What did you think of this months Taste Trunk?

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Seventeen Magazines Daily Contest May 12th – May 18th 2014 Codes

May 12th                                    May 13th                                  May 14th

Wildfox – 10 winners            Modcloth – 5 winners             Forever21 – 5 winners

RAINBOW                            DOT                               FESTIVE



May 15th                                            May 16th                                        May 17th

Wet Seal – 5 winners                 Wildfox – 10 winners                    JCPenny – 5 winners

SUNSET                                      OCEAN                                 POLKA


May 18th

JCPenny – 5 winners



Good Luck!  I’ve been OBSESSED with the wildfox bikini on the 16th for weeks now! I’m so excited that i have 10 chances to win it. I might have to buy it!  I’m crossing my fingers for both wildfox bathing suits! Which ones are you wishing for?

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Free Love With Food Subscription Box – Just Pay Shipping!

Free Love With Food Subscription Box – Just Pay Shipping!

Love With Food Subscription Boxes are offering a free box when you use this link, you just have to pay $2 shipping. There are two types of boxes, the Tasting box which is $12 a month or if you buy a yearly subscription it is $10 a month. Or the Deluxe box which is $19.99 a month or $17 for a yearly subscription.

Love With Food is a subscription box that sends you snacks of all natural, organic, GMO Free and Gluten free food. When you buy the Tasting box you receive a minimum of 8 snacks, and with the Deluxe box you get 16-20 snacks. With every box that you receive you are donating a meal to a hungry child in the U.S.

 I should be getting my box soon. and I will upload pictures of my June Love With Food box so you can decide if you would like to sign up or not!

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Escape Monthly Deal on Living Social!

Escape Monthly Deal on Living Social!

Escape Monthly is a subscription box that sends you luxury travel products from all over the world!

This month is CALIFORNIA!

The box is usually $45 a month but with the living social deal (click on the picture to bring you to the livingsocial deal.)  you can get one month for $29 and 3 months for $97. plus with the coupon EXTRA10 you get 10% off which makes the one month subscription box $26 and the 3 months $87. Also one of the subscribers will win a trip to the destination of the box’s current themed location! So, Good Luck!

This will be my first Escape Monthly box and i’m so excited! will you be signing up for this month of Escape Monthly?

UPDATE: Use YOURESCAPE to get 20% off the box subscription price FOR LIFE!

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Seventeen Magazines Daily Contest May 5th – May 11th 2014 Codes

Seventeen magazines daily contest codes for May 5th – May 11th 2014

May 5th                               May 6th                      May 7th                          May 8th

Wildfox – 10 winners        Joules – 10 winners          Mileti- 5 winners          Rue21- 5 winners

        RED                           INDIGO                       TOGA                               RUE                             



May 9th                               May 10th                             May 11th

Wet Seal – 5 winners       Dunnas – 5 winners            Triangl – 10 winners

 LEOPARD                       PRINT                                MALIBU



Good Luck!

I really want to win the Wildfox one piece and the Triangl Bikini ! Which ones are you interested in this week?

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