The Ring Boxes March 2018 Review + 20% Off Coupon

The Ring Boxes is a monthly subscription service for Brides-To-Be! The boxes are filled with items curated for brides and can expect items like tank tops, vow booklets, groom flasks, banners, cake toppers, MR & MRS chair signs, luggage tags, spa and beauty products, and recipes. Each box is $39.95 + $5 Shipping.

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I’m engageddd, I’m engagedd and I don’t care who knows it!

The Ring Boxes Mrs Champagne Glass $10

This champagne glass is so cute, but I am more than covered with champagne glasses and champagne from our engagement party. So this is basically the last item I need in this box. The Ring Boxes suggest gifting these glasses in your bridesmaid proposal boxes.

Pure Joy Body Peppermint Lavender Lip Balm $4

I am literally obsessed with lip balm, and thats not an overreaction. I’m addicted to it, but I’m not upset about it, the upside is that my lips are super soft all the time. This lip balm is my new thing. I love how soft it makes my lips feel and how the peppermint makes my lips tingle but the lavender relaxes me. The perfect lip balm for wedding planning!

Paper Mail Party Diamond Toppers $2.50

I like these diamond toppers for cupcakes or donuts, I just wished I had them for the engagement party. I will have to give these to my mom or sister to hold on to these for the bridal shower. Use Code: BRIDE15 to get 15% off your entire purchase.

Mush Made Racerback Tee $20

Love this shirt! Another great shirt to wear while working out or running wedding errands! It definitely goes with the champagne glass I received earlier in this box! Getting a shirt in each months box is definitely my favorite part of these boxes!

Jewels By Durrani ‘Diamond’ Stud Earrings $50

I’m a huge fan of the Kardashians, so when I saw the name Durrani I instantly knew it was one of their Dash Dolls. These earrings are really cute and remind me of my first pair of earrings, only mine were the real deal, unlike these. The Ring Box recommends wearing these to your bridal shower, but I’ll stick with my signature pearls. These earrings are perfect for traveling though and for going in the pool, plus you won’t have a Kim K moment if you lose one. To be completely fair I had a moment like this with one of my Tiffany Earrings back in 2005, and her earrings are $175,000 diamond earrings. She has every reason to be upset.

The Ring Boxes also included two recipes one for Date Night and one for the Bride.

This box was $45 with shipping and I got $86.50

worth of awesome bridal stuff that makes me so excited for my upcoming wedding! Don’t Miss out on the next box! Click Here to get 20% off Your Box!

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