Dr Roebuck’s PURE Face Moisturizer Product Review

Dr Roebuck’s PURE Face Moisturizer $36

3.3 stars on influenster-logo


I have never tried anything from this brand and I’m liking the price point but I am also a bit nervous about the product because of its extremely low score on Influenster. This moisturizer is a ultra-hydrating, hypoallergenic cream packed with essential ingredients to nourish sensitive skin.

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I applied this moisturizer at night after I washed my face. This cream is wildly thick. I felt like I was applying diaper rash cream to my face. It was so super thick that I had to rub it in for at least 5 minutes, my face was completely white it was basically like I had sunscreen on my face. My face feels so heavy and disgusting right now. I am so uncomfortable. I am not a fan, I feel so greasy. The next morning, I could not wait to wash the moisturizer off my face it felt so greasy! But my skin looked very plump and hydrated, although it did nothing for my pores. I washed my face and washed off the moisturizer as fast as I could and once my face was dry I noticed how insanely soft my face felt. It’s basically like baby skin soft, it is softer than it has been for a while. While I do absolutely love how soft my skin is from this moisturizer I do not know if I can endure the procedure for it again. It is worth a try if greasy skin does not bother you.

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