The Ring Boxes January 2018 Review + 20% Off Coupon

The Ring Boxes is a monthly subscription service for Brides-To-Be! The boxes are filled with items curated for brides and can expect items like tank tops, vow booklets, groom flasks, banners, cake toppers, MR & MRS chair signs, luggage tags, spa and beauty products, and recipes. Each box is $39.95 + $5 Shipping.

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To The Bride-to-be! THAT’S ME!!!!!!!

The Bride’s Notes Notebook $14

The Ring Boxes has this listed as $20 but I found it on the retail website for only $14, thats really sketchy and annoying to see. I love this notebook! I just got engaged on the 4th of July 2017 and we just booked our wedding date for May 2020, so I haven’t had to do any real intense planning yet but I know that this notebook will be so handy for me down the line when I will be on the phone or going to appointments or whatever. I know that this little notebook will be with me, so I can be prepared!

Lizush Lemongrass Hand Cream  $15

This hand cream is not available on their website so that makes me quite skeptical about this high price. I really liked the scent of this but I hate this, I wish it were whipped but its a pressed oil. It makes my hands so greasy and really doesn’t even moisturize my hands. I’m not thrilled with this product at all.

With Love From Katie ‘I Do’ Necklace $30

This necklace is also not available anywhere on their website so I can’t check out their pricing as well. This necklace is cute. But its not exactly my style. I’m not sure what I will end up doing with it.

Girlfriend/Fiancé V-Neck T-Shirt $19

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SHIRT! My only only only problem is that this is a womens shirt and its Fiancé with one e instead of two. Fiancé is for a man and Fiancée is for a woman. So basically the shirt says No longer a girlfriend I am an engaged man. Other than that I am obsessed with this shirt!

The Paisley Box ‘The Bride’ Socks $10

UGH. The Ring Boxes said these socks are $13 but they are on the retailer website for $10. I really hate how they try to deceive you like that. I see through the bullshit. BUT OMG I do absolutely love these socks so much, because nobody should forget, I AM THE BRIDE.

The Ring Boxes also included two recipes one for Date Night and one for the Bride.

This box was $45 with shipping and I got $89 worth of awesome bridal stuff that makes me so excited for my upcoming wedding! Don’t Miss out on the next box! Click Here to get 20% off Your Box!

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